In 3rd week, transplant or no?

A question from a fellow grower:

Can my plants touch each other I see they getting to tall? Or should I put them in a solo cup or small plant pot with soil? If so what soul do I use?

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They are doing great , and it’s okay if they touch , but you don’t want over crowding .

If that is a DWC tub they are growing in, you want all the holes covered, you don’t want light getting into the reservoir nor light on the roots.


Turn them gently upside down and look at the root growth. Post pic. :slight_smile:

They definitely look full and happy .

Yes they are looking great but I was just concerned about them touching and not growing properly!! It’s week 4 now for me

They can touch a little , it won’t hurt them in that way by touching , but you don’t want them to over crowd each other , cause than your air movement over and under the canopy will become limited , and the fresher the air that moves around your plants the better they respond . Now you can trim a little , but research information on trimming in a cash box , and look and see how others may have approach the same grow box and got great results . It’s the small things that can really make a big difference in 2 oz - 110 oz . But the more you research , the more notes you absorb , and remain teachable , that way each grow produce more each time as your knowledge become more adiment to growing .

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Transplant NOW if you haven’t done so all ready