I'm wanting to know the most bare bones basic setup I can have

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m wanting to know the most bare bones basic setup I can have and still get a halfway decent result.

And do you think a storm shelter would make a good grow room if we run some power to it?

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A pot, some soil, a light, and a fan. I think a storm shelter would be an excellent grow space! I see lots of basements, even a cistern. You could get a decent harvest with minimal investment.

Your best bet is to join the forum and read read read. There are lots of budget and DIY grows. I’m one of them! Download the grow bible available on this site. And ask lots of questions. The only dumb one is the one you don’t ask!

Welcome to the growing community!


If you can grow outside with natural light, that is the cheapest. But you have to plant in May. Way too late this year, unless you are in the Southern hemisphere, or in the tropics. In the tropics, just get some autoflower seeds and you can grow anytime. A bag of compost, a small bag of bloom fertiizer, and a pH meter (about $10 on Amazon.) Adjust your pH to 6.5 with vinegar, if you need to. A bottle of spinosad keeps the bugs away. All from home improvement stores.

As soon as you go inside, you need to buy or build lights and then pay for electricity to run them.


Bare bones and less fuss? Get a decent size container with GREAT drainage. Potting soil without time release nutrients, a TDS meter, and a few plant food solutions. Use autoflower seeds and grow outdoors. That is a crappy answer but kinda the General idea

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I love your vinegar idea @1BigFella

It’s just acetic acid, which is much more organic than sulfuric which some people use!

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