ILGM Super Silver & Purple Haze grow

do you have h2o2 in a bucket and some rinse buckets to follow?

1st 5 gallon bucket filled with room temp water with 1 cup lemon juice, and 1 cup baking soda.
2nd bucket filled with the hottest tap water you can get with no additives.
3rd bucket is ice cold water with ice cubes bit not too much ice so it can be dunked easier.

A 30 second swirl in each 1,2,& 3.

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Wow!! Amazing! I just ordered these two strains from IGLM (Valentine’s Special). I hope mine look as good as yours down the road!! Best, Jeb

I harvested another ILGM silver haze plant today. I didn’t wash this one so I can compare the results and judge for myself (wash verses unwashed) This plant was so sticky it was amazing! The official weigh in will occur just before they the buds go into jars but I am already visually very happy with the yield.

My purple haze plants need a little longer so maybe next week.


The first Silver Haze plant gave me 76 grams of manicured buds (no stems,partially cured). That plant is now labeled and in jars (let the burping begin).

In a few days I’ll weigh the harvest of the second silver haze plant. If I had to guess it will be closer to 100 grams.


I’ll be interested in hearing your opinion on washed v unwashed.

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I am not convinced washing the buds made a noticeable difference. Both Silver haze plants (washed and unwashed) cured very nicely. If I didn’t label them I don’t think I’d be able to tell the difference. This was an indoor grow so the product was pretty clean to begin with. I’m not sure I will bother to do this again for an indoor crop. Just my 2 cents.

I harvested my Purple Haze plants last week but haven’t weighed in yet. These buds were super sugary but on the light side, not nearly as dense as the silver haze buds.

IMHO Silver Haze is the winner of this battle of the hazes.

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Did you notice a change in the purple after dropping the temperature at the end?

Yes, I would say that the temp change absolutely changed the color of the Purple haze. Well, ok, unless it was just a timing coincidence with the end stage of this particular stain. This was my first round with PH so I’m making some assumptions based on pretty limited experience. I can say for sure these plants weren’t noticeably purple until I started letting the temps get down to 55 at night and they were very purple after 10 days of the cold shoulder treatment.


What’s up nice to see a masshole nice if you don’t mind me asking a few questions how hard is it to buy seeds from here what why did you go about it if you don’t mind me asking? 2nd what are ur temps at like 70ish during lights on and like 60 or so lights off?? Thanks bro