ILGM should start a sister site...ILSM

Does ILGM have, or have any future plans to create a social forum to talk openly about smoking and the pleasures of?

I understand that the texts would end quite often abruptly and sometimes not make much sense but hey…we grow it because we LOVE it!!!

Go Green!!!

I updated your category. You can absolutely talk about smoking here and we do!! often!!

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Figured you had to become a member before you could access

Arent you a member here? U got a screen name, and ur posting… what did I miss?

@If you look at someone’s info, it shows their current trust level. You and are at regular, I am at basic level status.

I also see “members forum”

You are at “basic user” status only because you just recently joined. Keep reading, posting, and liking and your status will be elevated. I think it’s a measure used to stop spammers and bots. :sunglasses::v:

Welcome to the fold @Originalgazelle


You are more than welcome to talk about smoking and your experiences here on the forum. No need to start a separate forum for that :wink::v::bear:


Why all the separatism? We could just switch it to I Love Ganja, Man.


Not very inclusive lots of ladies in here