ILGM Gold Leaf tips

I’m getting ready to start my second grow. I will be doing an indoor grow in soil. I will be planting ILGM gold leaf auto. I am asking for any information that would be helpful for this specific strain. Maybe something that someone learned by growing this strain that would be helpful. My only other grow was critical purple from another seed bank. It turned out pretty good. Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey welcome to group. Sometimes hard to get a response. I’m currently growing a Gold Leaf. Turned out she was an auto. No worries though. I run an 18/6 light schedule on her. I’m using Viparspectra XS4000 @ 100% @ 26in. Ph 6.4-6.6. Keep eye on nutes. You’ll need to test your soil. <1000 on ppm. I use TPS one as nutes. It’s all in one and works great! It was recommended by someone on this group. I’m starting week 5 of flower. Hope this will help you.