ILGM exclusive strains

I’ve been a member here since my 1st grow of January 2018. Now with two indoor grows and one outdoor grow. I come with a question; other than Gold Leaf , what other strains are exclusive to ILGM.?

I don’t know if these are officially ILGM seeds, but they have seeds that say “by ILGM” after them: Bruce Banner, Agent Orange, Gelato, and Gorilla Glue. gold Leaf is the only one that specifically says Bergman in the title.

Ilgm green crack is listed as indica dominant, and that’s pretty rare. I haven’t grown it to verify, but every other green crack i have seen, smoked, or grown has been extremely sativa dominant.

The others while may have same name, are not all breed from same parents as every other breeder. So while may have some similarities to same strain from other breeders, there may also be some phenotypes that are a little different.


I was under the assumption that all seeds sold by ilgm are ilgm bred.
This isn’t a complaint, since I’ve found every strain from here to have great genetics.


The green crack is killer Mine was Indica dominant