ILGM Chocolope / LED Grow

Apollo 3x2x5 Tent
MarsHydro 300W LED
Happy Frog Soil
Dyna-Gro & General Hydroponics Nutes.
5 Gallon Pots

What’s up! So Basically I ordered 5 Chocolope Seeds from ILGM that came on June 20th, I took 2 of the 5, and germinated them immediately. They both sprouted healthy! (some pictures are still shots from my videos I apologize for lack of quality).

During the first 7 days I only gave the plants tap water PH’d to 6.5.
After a week I gave it some Dyna-Gro KLN Rooting Concentrate at 2.5 mL per Gal. For healthy root growth.

Day 15 (July 7th) from Seedling I transplanted both plants into 1 Gallon Pots, Only watered with Dyna-Gro KLN @2.5 mL per Gal.

Day 18 (July 10th) was the 1st nutrient feeding my veg line-up nutrients are:
General Hydroponics: ArmorSi
Dyna-Gro’s: Grow, Mag-Pro, KLN
(I do everything 1/4th the recommended doses the majority of veg)

The girls like the nutes.

LST started on Day 21 (July 13th)

I have no pictures or videos from July 14th- August 17th due to memory issues on phone. BUT TODAY August 18th I’m here to give a update on where I’m at which is Day 57 from seedling.

Day 57 from seedling (August 18th)
So one plant is obviously further along than the other not by much. I transplanted both of these plants from a 1 Gal to a 5 Gallon pot literally 3 days ago. (August 15th) The one that looks skimpy has been aggressively topped, lollipopped to develop more bud sights like the fuller Chocolope strain. These are both Chocolope plants the one that is further along is Chocolope:A and the skimpy one is Chocolope:B.

I’ve been feeding at 1/2 strength (same nutrients) for about a week because I plan on going into flowering the next week or 2. I like to up the doses after like 45 days from my experience works nice.

I have 1 rooted clone in a solo cup that I took from Chocolope:A on July 30th
I have 3 other clones in the process of rooting that I cut from both plants August 10th-11th.

I’m thinking about maybe doing a SCROG we’ll see

That’s really all I have right now I will be updating this post before flowering with some better detailed updates I really want to see how this Chocolope is going to come out I never grew this strain before.


@Nitro first thing first
Welcome to Iglm forum
It’s the best and friendliest forum you’ll find
We have nothing but helpful members and extremely knowledgeable mods that will help you should you need it
Girls are looking good so far nice lst job as well
If you need anything
Just put the @ symbol in front a user name to notify that user
Happy growing :v: CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Your girls are looking fine @Nitro!! Welcome and make yourself at home


Nice start to your journal, enjoyed reading through. Your plants look very healthy and ou seem to know a bit about what you’re doing, that’s great! I wish you success. I have a two plant scrog that is 21 days in flower today!!!


I’ll be following along, as I’m also interested in growing this strain. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be following along. Update often. And welcome!

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Welcome to the Best forum around! :sunglasses:
The girls look beautiful! Hope you don’t mind me following along… I’m very interested in the LST Good luck with your girls…


Looking awesome @Nitro :+1:
Coming along nicely.

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Sup y’all! So it’s been 5 days since I switched to 12/12 here’s a quick overview of the progression.
Had to erase and re-edit post sorry

Here’s where I left off at August 18th.



I put a Trellis Net in on August 23rd, but decided to cut it down, I’ll just keep training throughout flowering.

(Chocolope: A is on the left, Chocolope: B is on the right.)

Chocolope: A

Chocolope: B

August 24th (Day 63 Veg)
( Day before I switched to 12/12 light cycle)

Chocolope: A

Chocolope: B

August 28th (Day 4 Flowering)

Chocolope: A

(A) Distance from MarsHydro 300W LED = 15 inches.

Chocolope: B

(B) Distance from MarsHydro 300W LED = 18.5 inches.

MarsHydro 300W LED is damn bright! Also a full spectrum “supposedly” but it works good for me, Also one of these lights (each) only adds $4-6 per month to my electricity bill, so I can run more LED’s in multiple tents and save a bunch of money on electricity vs. running HPS/MH which are great lights as well I just prefer the LED’s because they run cooler, & the difference in electricity usage is over 2-4x less.

August 28th (Day 5 Flowering)

I grew both of these plants from seed at the exact same time, gave them equal amounts of nutrients, training, and care and as y’all can see Chocolope: (A) on the left is just thriving more than Chocolope: (B). Although (B) is still healthy and not giving me any signs to worry it just goes to show you, some plants just genetically thrive better. You never know by the end of flowering these could be the same height I doubt it but who knows. (A) looking like its about to be a damn monster.

Ohhh yeahh, & about those clones…

They’re growing lovely =) + I cut 2 new ones. I’d like to note this strain has yet to fail rooting.

I’m going to start my Bloom nutrient regiment Week 2 or 3 of Flower at 1/2 the recommended dose, I like to continue the Veg regiment during the transition period mainly for the growth that the Nitrogen causes.

This is my Veg regiment which consists of
GH ArmorSi, Dyna-Gro Grow, Mag- Pro, & My homemade molasses sweetner (I’ll explain)

This is the Bloom Regiment
[Instead of the (Grow) it’s the (Bloom)]

Only thing missing is my Dyna-Gro KLN (Rooting Concentrate) which I only use on plants their first 3 weeks of life, clones, and transplants. (Image on original post)

Last thing is my homemade sweetner which is basically regular tap water dilluted with UNSULPHURED molasses. I’m using the Grandma’s brand but they have different types of UNSULPHURED molasses out there.

Good source of Carbohydrates, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron also “supposedly” has alot of microorganisms that help feed the soil. Make sure it is UNSULPHURED molasses.

I fill 1 liter of water in a bottle, pour it in a pan, boil it, let it reach a boil, add the molasses, stir/mix, slowly turn heat down as I stir, once it’s diluted no longer thick allow it too cool, it really doesn’t take long to do this waiting on it to cool is the longest part.

How to get an idea of the percentage rate of the diluted molasses is pretty easy that why I use a 1 liter of water. If I’m wrong I’m not that far off.

1 Liter of Water = 1000ML

Grandma’s Molasses = 355ML

355mL of Molasses
/////////////////////////// = 35.5% Molasses.
1000 mL of Water

Peace & Love S/O too all of you guys! Lets see how these buds come out for this Chocolope! Hope everybody out there is living, & smoking good. I’ll be back very soon!


Looking awesome! Those things are filling out! Your clones look great, did you just stick them in dirt?

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Looks so lovely!!

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Looks great!

In the future, you’ll probably want to fill the scrog net while you’re still vegging. It’s not going to hurt anything the way it is, but you’ll be essentially using the net as bud support instead of the way a scrog is designed to work.

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I soak the Jiffy peat pellets in Tap Water PH’d to 6-6.5 with my KLN (Root concentrate) @5mL per Gal for 30mins than I cut the cuttings at a 45degree angle, then immediately put the cuttings in the pellets, then I put the pellets in my humidity dome for 7 days all vents closed and I spray the inside of the dome and cutting with plain PH tap water at least 2 times a day for those 7 days lights on 24/7 after that I remove the dome put them in a solo cup of happy frog and water with plain PH water and KLN and keep the lights on 24/7 until I see new growth than I switch to 18/6! Never fails me.

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Thank you!!

Thanks! I def added the trellis to late I’m going to have to construct some type of simple draining system for when I water so I don’t have to to adjust the net or move the pots/plants everytime I water so I don’t make a mess.

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August 31st (Day 7 of flower), A couple of hours before I turned my lights off I tied down almost every branch for light penetration so some tops that I saw weren’t gettin enough light can get some + I took a few fan leaves off that were in the way. One love everybody I’ll check back in soon, peace.


@nitro looking awesome, keep up the great work.

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Sup ! So September 1st (Day 8 of Flower) I decided to defoliate almost all of the lower fan leaves so some light could penetrate spots that were previously blocked. I decided to defoliate early in flowering during the stretch, so when the stretch period is over; I won’t have to many unnecessary fan leaves to remove. Which will probably just stress the plant and slow the growth a little.

This exact same night literally I had to evacuate my house because I live where Hurricane Harvey hit pretty damn hard, I was surprised by a knock on my door by a police officer informing me my area had a mandatory evacuation, I wasn’t so happy about that, but I’m glad it was just to inform me of the evacuation lol. I left my Clone/Veg tent running 24/7 and just completely left my flowering plants in darkness for about 2 days and just hoped that when I returned my home wouldn’t be flooded… luckily it wasn’t! Sending positive energy to everyone who’s dealing with crazy weather I’ve saw alot of things going on in the USA and the whole world right now everyone be safe! much blessings!

Ok I returned home Monday my Veg/Clone tent lights still on plants doing lovely, and my flowering plants doing lovely as well so I’m thankful for that, shit could’ve been way worse!
I’m starting to see the buds form on Day 12 of flowering.

(Pictures from Today:)

Chocolope: A

Chocolope: B

That’s all I have for today Peace & Love to everyone.


I’m glad everything is ok , your very lucky :four_leaf_clover:.

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Thank you it was a pretty wild experience.


So happy Harvey left you unscathed @nitro and that the girls looking very healthy. ~AB

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