Ilgm Blueberry and ilgm jack herer. Getting close to harvest!

How are my girls looking? They arent getting as much sun as they should due to being stealth.



They seem good. More days before harvest for me. Just few days

Thanks teddy78, the trics are still clear so your right. The temps are getting low like 50 degrees Fahrenheit so hopefully the blueberry will turn colour! Might even put ice on the soil for the last week what do you think?

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Ice in pot is a trick for losing temperature . You have 50F in your room. May be it is good for getting colour. But you are next to harvest and I think it would take more time of cold for have coloured buds. This is my first thought.
Sorry for last reply. You must use @ name for call a people . AnywY how was your harvest? Colour? Update some pics. 🖒🖒