If 1000 watts LED are too much for my 4'x4'x6'4"

Hi, as stated, the rating, I’m learning is much more than desired for my size tent, as the manufacturer claims it’s comparable to 600 watt HPS. Can I diffuse the light with screening, perhaps? Thanks!

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Can not always trust the manufacture. A lot of 1000W leds barely pull 300 W from the wall…

What brand/kind of led is it, that will tell us a lot more…

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Yup. A pic of the light would be immensely helpful! Like stated. Manufacturers overstate their lights often. Normally a ‘1000w LED’ is more like 260-350.

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Hi, it says it pulls 185 from the wall, however I briefly used a watt meter and it read in the 300’s, if I recall correctly

I tried uploading some screenshots, however I’m new to this site and don’t know how to yet

Hey @St.0n3r, welcome to ILGM. You won’t need to diffuse the light at all. That might not be enough light for a 4 x 4. With that type of lighting, you’d want around 40-50 watts per square foot for flowering. Even at 300 watts, that’d only be 18.75 watts per square foot. There are newer technologies that would give you more light for the same wattage that would be a better fit for your space, for not much more money. Have a look at Horticulture Lighting Group, and give @dbrn32 a shout for help with specifics.


I’m thinking you would want 4 or so of those lights to flower a 4x4 well. Definitely not an issue with it being too strong. There are much better lights available as the others have mentioned.

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Ok, now I’m totally confused. The 1000 watt isn’t, the 600 watt comparable is a lie, I REALLY don’t understand the watts per square foot then. Please give me a few commercial examples. Thank y’all for your time

Watts pretty much useless without efficacy. And the efficacy on fixtures like isn’t good. They usually test out at less than hid despite what manufacturers tell you…

Here is the info you should be looking for


I’m just learning photonese, myself. :joy:


Yup 14 months on this site tailing DB thru light question after light question. And its still chinese at times. Long story short @St.0n3r those manufacturers are ‘stretching the truth’ (if u can call it that, more like lying)

A 4x4 is like 16 ft² So 16 x 50 = 800w is what u want in ‘blurple’ level efficiency watts.

HID is Alot more efficient (i think) then them. The 600w would do better then 2 of those ‘1000w’ lights.

Now new more intense LEDS (HLG, timber, Bridgelux, maybe even Mars) have upped their light ppf to levels where u only need ~30w per ft ² In other words 16 x 30 = 480w needed in newer tech


Ok. That sounds like what I’m trying to understand. My blurple maker says 1000 watts. How is that different from what you said?

The actual draw is what matters. Equivalent is a play word. Let me go find some charts to compare. I see the hangup ur drawing

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Thanks. I read in the comment section that it was measured at 250 ppfd at 2’. Now I guess I need to learn what ppfd is needed for my tent and how many plants that will grow :person_facepalming:

Ok for this comp we’ll look at 18 inches. Not a good comp cuz the Best has 50-60 more watts? More actual watts. But the numbers dont lie. The QB135 has around 200 more ppfd.

And as usual im not sure if i got that right

Yo @dbrn32 extra credit :point_up:t5::joy:


That is s single point reading from directly below the fixture where led concentration is the highest. It will give you a reference to the light intensity at that point, but not the rest of your space. Which you should assume is significantly lower since the most condensed part of the light isn’t directly overhead.

Ideally you would get the total radiometric output of light from the fixture. If the manufacturer doesn’t give that or the photon efficacy to you, safe to say it’s probably not a great light.


Ok, where can I learn (in an idiots guide, hopefully) what amount umoles is needed per plant etc?

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