Idiot's Autoflower Grow Journal - All Help Welcome

Hi everyone,

I’ve been spending the last 6 months going from one disaster to another in an attempt to grow a successful crop. I’ve made just about every single easily preventable mistake under the sun. I’m going to be starting a new grow soon and if this one doesn’t work out then I’m totally screwed.

My goal is to turn over a nice profit in the fastest time frame possible. My first question is: Are commercial grows allowed on this forum? Or do you only accept grow journals based on personal use growing?


Majority of members here are personal use growers, but you’re welcome to post either way.


Small and large scale are fine.

If you don’t mind me asking. What seems to be the issue?

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I am also trying to grow outdoor. Could you please share your experience e.g… mistake, tips etc. And which part of the world are you from? Thanks.

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Yea you sow seed in ground , give ample space, and allow it to live