Ideal place to place htc 1 thermometer for temp. readings

I was keeping my htc 1 thermometer a liitble bit aside from light i.e, towards the wall of my tent the reading was in range of 26 celsius but when 1 one time placed it inside pots, the reading was in range of 28 celsius, a very big differrnce, so i want to know about the ideal place to keep the thermometer and also how to lower temp., i am using evaporative cooler, if i run the cooler more humidiry increases, if i run it less temp. decreases, and a portable ac is something i cant afford, and alsob1 am ruuning 2 fans and a exhaust fan inside, fans size:- 6,9 inches, exhayst fan:- 8 inches, totally fed up what should i do?

At canopy level.

More airflow is probably the most helpful thing you can do.


What should i do for more airflow?

I have put 2 fans in tent

What is your RH? Them temp aren’t crazy bad. Can you speed up the exhaust fan?

No i dont have that type of exhaust fan

If you are in veg you will be ok, once you get into flower, your going to want to keep RH low to avoid mold. The heat shouldn’t do anything drastic, just airy/fluffy buds. I have to leave my tent open a little because I don’t have any exhaust fans in mine.

Temp in our area goes around 45 celsius in april and may and current temp. Is around 32, , does this affect in trmp inside the grow tent and also what effects will the heat have on my yield?

Your buds will probably be light and fluffy, so yields will be lower than if your temps were like 24c.