I was wondering why my plants are canoeing?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I was wondering why my plants are canoeing ? the plants are two inches away from my CFL lights. I have 2 bulbs… Wide spectrum Sylvania 40 watts each at two and 48 " bulbs. The plants are a inch long working on their first set on leaves after 3 days since breaking the soil. Will either plant them outside or buy a 600 watt Led Wide spectrum light and grow them inside. Your help as always appreciated !

If by canoeing you mean taco type of shape with your lights that close I would say heat is the issue you need to put your hand over the top of your plant with the back side up toward light palm just right on top of plant and wate 2 min if it’s not to hot on backside of hand then plant can take it. If it is to hot raise lights until it isn’t or get a fan