I tried to cultivate cherry pie in a climate that is more than suitable for it

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

There is a strain called cherry pie. i tried to cultivate this plant in a climate that is more than suitable for it, yet they grew 6 inches to about 12 inches tall, and went straight to flower. Im not sure how that would happen, if it is not an auto. I do have pictures i’d be more than willing to share.


When did you plant them? They look good. But maybe started too late into the season. The fall sun has begun to set and the hours of light the plant receives controls when she begins to flower. Sorry about the small size but good luck with your harvest. Lovely colored buds as well. If you have a means to grow inside i would consider trying to clone that plant with the shade of red. That is a GREAT quality. And would allow you to keep the phenotype (genetics) and grow a lovely mother. That is assuming you have space and a grow light capable of 18 hours on And 6 of dark


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How long should I let cherry pie flower outdoors been 8 weeks

No idea. Who’s the breeder? And u got photos?