I spray how long?

Hi everyone I’ve grown as a grower simply by reading other people’s issues and finding their solutions so when issues happens in my grow room I already have pretty much the answer if I need a second can get a second so I SPRAY AFTER LIGHTS OFF N DO I KEEP SORAYING WHEN THEY START FLOWING???

I’m in my first grow and only know what I’ve read. Much more knowledgeable people here.

The assumption is you are talking about spraying the foliage with water. I have read people say spraying is a preference, but that you should stop when they start to flower to prevent moisture from causing bud rot. But that would all be dependent on the humidity in the room as well.

I find it hard spraying in the dark, I just turn down the intensity of my lights for a hour or two.

Once a plant starts flowering I’m a little leery of spraying the buds with anything in the water, being nutrients or pesticides or anything else.

There are several foliar sprays that say to use them throughout the grow, spraying the bottom of the leaves, but I don’t know how to spray the bottom of leaves without getting it on everything else. A good washing after harvest might help remove residue.

The nutrient companies would have you believe they are safe to use throughout the grow. You can take their advice, or not, and try to feed your plants through the roots.

Thanks I have foxfarm bigbloom and tiger bloom I had them on grow big n big bloom just stoping the grow adding the tiger or should I not mix 2 and feed separate?

Unless you have a darn good reason to spray anything on yer plants, I would NOT spray my plants with anything. Good reasons are spray BT once a week on outdoor for caterpillar protection. Thats about it.

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The instructions on the bottle are for stand alone usage. If you want to use the line you should use the feeding schedule that Fox Farms publishes. You can find it online or if you have a local grow shop ask them.

The way to use the feeding schedule is to find the week you are on (sounds like you are on early flower so I’ll use week 2 as an example). Mix 3 teaspoons Big Bloom, 2 tsp Grow Big and 2 tsp Tiger Bloom per gallon of water. You need to mix them in your water. If you were using the Fox Farm Solubles in the purple section of the chart, you would add .25 tsp of Open Sesame.

At the top of the feed schedule in the blue section you see EC and PPM. These are “essentially” the same thing, just different ways to measure the concentration of solids in your liquid. If you were to measure your ec or ppm with all four items mixed together your reading should be in the range listed.

I did not mention pH and need to adjust the feeding. The above mixture will need the pH adjusted or your watering will be way too acidic. If you don’t understand pH please ask, next to good lights it’s probably the second most important factor in getting a good grow.