I slow cooked my Cannabis for 12 hours

Ok! so I set it and forget it. I literally forgot it… :disappointed:
I was making cannabutter in a slow cooker and fell asleep.

1oz of cannabis flower, 4 COSTCO bricks of butter at 175 °f for 12 hours. I ment to cook it for 5 hours without decarbonating it. I infusion with butter right away and heat it longer instead.

I was so sad that I just wasted all that butter and my time going to Costco and krazy covid line ups.

I think I’m still good when I saw this chart:

Then I saw this on another blog…
"At what temperature does THC oil boils

THC has a boiling point of 200°C (392°F). However before the THC boils, other parts of the oil evaporate and boil.

Here are some important temperatures: At 21°C (70°F) the most volatile terpenoids start to evaporate, lending a pungent odor to the air.

At 31°C (87°F) the less volatile terpenoids start to evaporate, lending the air even more pungent odors.

At 39°C (102°F ) vir tually all of the terpenoids undergo evaporation fairly rapidly.

At 50°C (122°F) THC-Acid decarboxylates as the water molecule held in the carbonate form evaporates. This activates the THC.

At 66°C (150°F) Cannabidiol (CBD) melts and starts to evaporate.

At 185°C (365°F) Cannibinol (CBN) boils.

At 200°C (392°F) THC boils."

What are your thoughts on this?
Will this butter still have it’s effects?
Is 5 hours of heat not long enough when skipping the decarbonate process?

First time growing and cooking :grin::+1:

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Will it still work yea but it might not have the full spectrum effect of a straight smoke or 30-40 min decarb but have some on toast and tell us what you think :wink:


I don’t eat canbutter. I made it for a friend
and said it’s perfect. It made me think

When he said perfect it is hard to believe when the stuff is free or it is perfect but I’m thinking it could be better.

I was aslo thinking if THCA boils out at 122°f and THC boils at 200 should I stay below 200. And just add more cooking time.

My next batch I will try my original 8 hour cooking time without decarbonating.

Then my next next batch I will try with a decarbonating @ 220°f for 45 minutes and 3 hours in butter at 175°f

I’ll let you guys know on the update.

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You’re mixing C and F: you’ll never see your flower at 200C.

This is a decarboxylate temp; not boiling away.

You inevitably lose compounds doing cannabutter and leaving that long likely didn’t hurt potency.

I would suggest the use of coconut oil instead of butter as it’s much easier to press out of the plant material, giving you a higher yield. Adding some lecithin will help the body uptake and metabolize THC better.


We simply toss the butter in the slow cooker, 8 sticks, and melt it. Once the butter is melted we toss in the gonja and let it simmer for simmer it for 24hrs. This has always worked out great for us. We have never got a complaint, only requests. Once done we strain it threw cheese cloth than portion it into TBS in ice cube trays. We have found this to be very easy and functional when it comes to cooking and portion control. When finished we recover roughly 7 of the 8 sticks.
There are many methods. Just find one that works for you :slight_smile:


Oh shoot I didn’t realize I was looking at Celsius untill you pointed out 200c
Thank you!

I will try the decarbonating and cooking in coconut oil next and see if my buddy likes it better.

So you did the exact same thing I did but 24 hours with no decarbonating.

Have you ever tried decarbonating first?

Thank you for sharing your experience

When we put the gonja in the butter we keep the slow cooker on high for aboutn10 mins then to low for 24hrs.

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I normally shake dry ice kief, take the left over, add saved sugar leaves and flower; put that in a Mason jar and bake in the oven for 45 minutes at 240F. Plant material is added to weighed amount of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of lecithin added along with 1 cup water. This is in a small crockpot turned to ‘high’. I cook for 4 hours to limit the amount of chlorophyll extracted. Cool to very warm and press through fine muslin cheesecloth. Put in molds (weighed) then bagseal and freeze.


I will try that thank you for your share​:grin::+1:

I will try this thanks for the share

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