I reckon it's about time

Hi everyone,
I decided a year ago to give growing a go. I purchased tent, light and all the paraphernalia that comes along with it. After a year of trying, I finally have a nice healthy baby ( 2 weeks old ) my number one sin was overwatering ( every f****n time! ) it would seem, Ima slow learner. I was just about to give up on growing. But I kept coming back here to these pages of experience and wisdom and slowly slowly things begun to sink in to this old brain. My main problem now is hovering over my lil one.
Cheers and many thanks to everyone


Get a wifi camera .it makes hovering much easier :joy:


Welcome back JO, do you have some pics of this “Miracle Child” ? Overwatering is the #1 cause of death in cannabis plants :grin: :rofl: :v:


here she is ( super skunk auto at 2 weeks ) older growth is a bit rough but she’s alive & growing an amazing amount each day. Have a ways to go I know, but cautiously optimisti…


Great idea! Won’t need to leave the couch…


Your almost at auto pilot ur definatley past the critical stage u definatley got some good dry dirt but try and water juuust before her leaves droop dont wanna do that to much can loose foliage … But stick your fingers in the dirt about knuckle deep if u feel moisture at the tips only get ready for a watering /feeding

U seem to be maybe over ferting juust a lil looks like some burn on lower leaves …what kinda of dirt and are u feeding full strength? She dont need much right now at this stage

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Hi fano,
I haven’t used nutrients yet, the cotyldons are still alive and green. I can’t quite remember what I mixed in this pot. I have been experimenting. Store bought potting mix, I think I added a few handfuls of zoo gro and of course perlite. Seed raising mix in the centre to nurse seed up. I water her with filteted tap water.

U might have an extended feed sgore bought micle grow type those can hot mixed for babys also when not using surely balanced ph soil good to go to home depot and get a sediment soil slurry test u could have a probally high ph and excesd nitrogen thats a lil much for babys to handle good start with gaurteed dirt (6 month feed is no good ) the extended feed usually release same amount of nutes throught the growing and the fact it looks either as a burn or ph lockout if its a burn or both it will definatly have probelms like 2 much nitrogen when you finally start flowering when you flower you back off the nitrogen alot and if it stays to high can cause issues just a couple possibilities i can guess if ph is to high it will cause lockout of certain nutrients it needs and when certains nutes lock out it can cause other nute uptake issues id get some promix or a mild all round mary jane dirt like happy frog from fox farm. Or since she a baby but shes in a bit pot so ur probally not transplanting id re plant her in happy frog honestly and i bet she will not be burnt anymore and u will have a good finish… I use fox farm light warrior for my babys in solo cups or smaller then once they grow a few inches tall i transplant to happy frog light warrior a seed starting specific dirt from fox farm and happy frog you can use start to finish its about 20$ a bag its a good investment to have a good foundation and ur using a ts 2000 mars? You got a good light from what ive heard about them. Thats my .02$

but u see tips of first set has brown tips thats not normal

Thanks so much for advice. I have read often on this forum about happy frog but unfortunately I live in Australia and it’s not available here ( unless any fellow aussies can advise on a similar product? ). I am combining sunlight & grow light. We are coming into summer here. I have them outdoors when I’m home but under lights when I’m not ( neighbours are very close )

U get amazon there i bet u can find fox farm or promix on there… https://www.amazon.com/FoxFarm-FX14047-2-Cubic-Happy-Potting/dp/B0032JPA2E
I dunno if u guys get amazon i thought they were world wide but i know shipping dirt is or can be expensive and amazons a lil pricy but no shipping this link…

Yep, we have amazon AU, but happy frog is not shipped to my country. It appears there are no local sellers. Ebay is the same deal. Very annoying.

Thats odd…ummmm u can always go inert in coco u will need to feed more often its netral wont have ph issues when u start coco u break it all up and soak it with. 5 gall bucket and cal mag at about eto 5ml per gal and u will have full controll as long as ur phing your water and make sure your going in with food water at 6.5 u will have no issues. I gotta feeling u should be able to find coco of some sort

If you do its more hydroponic rules of thumb lower ph 6.0 5.8 is sweet spot for coco and soil is 6.5 so as long as u can adjust your nutes after you mix them all up …mix your nutes take a ph reading then you ph up or down based on your reading u said u got all the paraphinalia u got a digital ph meter or reagent …i like reagent it dosent malfuntion or run out of batterys as a back up or a double check more to speak

But if u dont ph u will never nevef know ur problems… Ph ing soil or atleast knowing if ur dirt ph is right is crucial… And if your not phing water ull have more issues

5.8 ph in coco is exactly like hydro, never mind you corrected that in next post sorry.

I mix my coco and veg nutes together

5 gals water

Gh trio
Humic acid

Yea u gotta prep coco gotta soak it in a cal mag and 1\4 stregth nute mix

Ive reard there almkst 0 benifit to humic acid its just razzle dazzle like amazon watts :joy:

I have been thinking about coco…so much so that I purchased a block the other day! It sounds a very good alternative.
Thanks so much, you’ve given me a lot to mull over. I’ll def research further.