I need help with harvest timing?

I asked this question like a few days ago, now I do it again, I am afraid of messing up and miss the perfect time for harvest, it’s been a long 4 ½ months of lovely work, I know is close, but is it ready now? This is an outdoor plant.
Thank you all!


The most accurate method is to get a cheap USB microscope and look at the trichomes and then harvest to your taste in the type of high you want (energetic or sleepy.)

You might also find this video helpful in terms of timing for max THC content.


Thank you! an excellent video, I think I got it. :slight_smile:

YouTube Video, DeBacco University, topics:
Selective Plant Harvest and The Highest ROI.

USB Microscope would be worth the $20.00 to see.
Outdoor plant, keep close watch for Bud Rot and weather patterns.
Good luck.

This is another great chart.


Thank you! Base upon your pistils chart the buds are ready, I was going by the Trichome chart and according to that they are not ready, all the Trichomes on my plant are pure white, not a single one is amber, so I decided to harvest now because the pistils are all brown, I am probably a little late, I think your chart save my crop. Thanks again Derwyn86!

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To easy @cpollero hope all goes well your plant looks nice.