I need a WHOLE HEAP of advice

I feel like I’m about to lose everything. So this is my first year growing and everything was going really well until recently. First about a week or two ago I discovered a bad spider mite infestation on my sunset sherbet. I’ve been treating that with nukem (both plants of course, not just the one). So I’m close to harvest on both plants and was just trying to get a bit of amber. I have really left both alone the entire grow (didn’t do any training or serious trimming) and I just had this feeling about the obama kush. So I went and was gently pulling apart branches at the top cola and…I found mold! Im devastated! So close to harvest to have the top two biggest problems pop up…ARRRGH! So anyway I need advice on how to handle this. Do I just take both plants down in the morning and see how much I can salvage? I was going to do a bud wash but I don’t want EVERYTHING to mold. Can I get away with not bud washing with all these problems though? Should I just take down the obama kush like I was planning and try to cut away a healthy margin on the mold? I hadn’t planned on taking the sunset sherbet yet so I haven’t flushed it or anything. Should I do a quick flush and take it down on Sunday or something? I’ve used all natural fertilizers this season so maybe I don’t need a flush? *sigh * Yeah just any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.

Are the trichs cloudy yet. In my opinion some is better than none

The obama is cloudy with some amber. The sunset is mostly cloudy but some clear.

I would harvest them and save what you can.

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You go get some ALCOHOL from the drug store and spray them little bastards and you can use this also.
I use it and it works and leaves your plants clean

Tabacco Juice recipe

Take 3 strong ciggeretes soak them over night in water and the
hottest hot sauce you can find.
Boil it for 2 to 3 miniutes, let it cool off the strain using
ladies nylon socks and spray the plants 3 to 4 times a week.
You can add safer soap if you like to the mixture.
(make absolutly sure you use gloves/face protection while
handling and spraying)

Neem oil works very well too!!

Your Last resort is to use Avid.

I think his biggest issue right now is bud rot. Not the mites.

You have 2 choices.

  1. Harvest now. I mean NOW! Cut off the rotten sections of bud and toss them. Then H2o2 bathe what’s left.

  2. Try to fight it. It’s a losing battle, but if you’re lucky you can save half of your harvest and let it mature. First step is to gently cut off every bit of rotting bud. Then spray with potassium bicarbonate and water. Soak the sites you’ve done surgery on. You’ll have to get your humidity down as low as possible. I mean LOW, like 30%. Throw some fans in there and keep the air moving. Keep in mind that boytritis/bud rot spreads from spores. So be careful about spreading them. If you’re lucky the plants will make it another 2 weeks. Unless you feel comfortable with this I’d advise step 1.


The October video of the month. I think this is number 77 of times shared this month :rofl:


I’ve been sharing it for two years how do you think I feel LOL But it’s a tried and true method that won’t let you down

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Classics never die!

Is this necessary for indoor grows??

Unfortunately, I watched it too last month. I appreciated it being posted in my journal. It was a terribly humid end of summer. Sorry to see so much bud rot.

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UPDATE: so after reading everything and watching a bunch of videos I realized I couldn’t wait on this and had to deal with it tonight. So my neighbor and I went out with a flashlight and checked the plant. I cut off the main cola (which I knew was the effects area) and put it in a plastic bag. I checked the rest of the plant and I (cross my fingers) think I got lucky and caught the start of it. The rest of my plants (both of them) look normal. I managed to save one lower branch with a nice size nug on it that I rinsed with the h2o2 and is now hanging in my tub with a clean fan on it. I lost the entire main cola which was amazingly dense, so lesson learned DON’T SPRAY THE FLOWERS DIRECTLY even if I have an infestation like I did. Im taking the rest of the plant tomorrow. Thanks everyone.

I know the feeling @NWamateur83 I harvested LA Confidentials a little earlier than I wouldv’e liked last weekend and had about 220 g of bud ruined by bud rot. I was still able to get plenty of bud and trim, but definitely lost some productivity. It is frustrating after several months of effort and care to see things spiral downward so quickly. Best of luck to you!

I lost my lsd to bud rot this year
It my fault for lack of attention but shoot it’s a bad feeling when you see the whole plant infested

Not if you have a clean grow room I still wash regardless

Because you wouldn’t listen @Countryboyjvd1971 is why you lost it :joy: man some people’s kids :grin:

You’re going to have to harvest it all cut out the bud rot that you can see with the naked eye. If the main Cola had the beginnings of mold the rest of it has it too, you just don’t see it with the naked eye. You have to harvest unfortunately I know how you feel I lost a lot 2 years ago major amount. After you cut out what you can see you have to wash the rest because the mold is everywhere. Sorry for your loss I know how it feels.

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Yeah I tell you I did the same thing I cut the main tops off the biggest ones with tears pouring out of my eyes but hopeful that the rest that didn’t have it I thought because I couldn’t see it 3 Days Later infestation major and wish I would have harvested it all and washed what wasn’t Bud rotted to the nekkid eye

I do it for every grow I always wash