I might have screwed the pooch with my seedlings, need help

Hey guys,

I’m 14 days in since my Amnesia Haze Feminized hit the soil. It took about 5 days to sprout before shooting up rather quickly over the next day or two. Over the next week, it has branched two small leaves and I think something is wrong as its development seems to have slowed as quickly as it came.

My second seed hit the soil (also amnesia haze feminized) around 7 days ago and its head poked through around 4 days ago and is yet to spread its leaves (it seems ready, it has been in its pictured state for two days now). I just sprayed them with a high nitrogen solution to aid in growth but I’m not sure it will do much.

I just found out that the temperature is around 100 F which I understand to be significantly above the threshold for a healthy temp. I just plugged in my fan from my room to help cool the tent. I have a 195CRM exhaust fan due to arrive on Friday which I plan on hooking up to my carbon filter. In the meantime will my plants survive? I’m leaving the tent open since security isn’t an issue to help with airflow.

EDIT: I’m using an MH 250watt light and running an 18/6 schedule.

It looks like the seed hull is just stuck on the one. Give it a little spritz of water every 30 minutes or so and keep the hull soft, should pop off on its own. If not, after a few hours, then carefully help it off, and make sure not to damage the fragile leaves underneath.


The MG is to strong for them and not very good for cannabis in general.


Was going to comment this as well, but I figured I would let someone more experienced chime in

Not much experience here. I still pray I wake up everyday to live plants.


I’m only 17 days in on my first grow so I do to lo haha


That’s the general consensus around here, Miracle Grow is too hot, and I agree. However, I’ve seen some massive plants grown in soil using it as a base. So as long as you don’t overdo it, you should be able to grow some decent bud with what you have. When you can, get something specifically tuned to cannabis, and it’ll make your life much easier.

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It’s just a 4in pot, I plan on transplanting it soon. Is it okay to switch soils for the transplant? I’ll make sure to get a different germination soil next time.

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I planted two on 4/20…hehehe…one started great. The other had the hull stuck to the cotyledon. I removed it with a pair of tweezers. The one that started out great was male :sob:. The one that had the hull turned out to be female :grin: and is doing great. Expecting harvest 10/1. I think you’ll be fine :+1:.
Edit: I committed the ultimate sin of using MG time release shake n’ feed on them. So I had to wait for the time release feed, approx 3 months, to expire before even trying to flower them, hence the 6 month growing time.

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I was going to ask why six months? I’m new but 6 months seemed like forever

Because the MG lasts 3 months and I put it in after seedling stage, approx 2 weeks. So that’s 3 1/2 months. I didn’t want to risk N toxicity when I began to flower. I flower for 10 weeks or 2 1/2 months. So all together it will end up being 6 months.

Yea I caught that after you said you used mg. That was one thing I heard before I started growing was not to use mg on weed.

I went with FFOF without knowing that it was a pretty popular choice amongst you experts

As far as indoor soil Im not an expert lol. I spent my first years guerilla growing outdoor. I’d hike into the woods a couple miles and use MG time release and plant and go back three months later and check them. I didn’t know not to use MG til this year lol. After guerilla I had a rental that I used for NFT hydro. Now my state is legal so I went back to soil in a tent and used the MG. It’s hard to condense down from a whole house to use to a small tent. I’m more of an expert in environmental control and NFT builds. I just apply real world knowledge from jobs and horticulture classes. Once I found out what works on most things doesn’t work as well on cannabis i had to retrain my brain and habits.


Yes You can change to a different soil when you transplant I’m cheap i use pro mix soil vegetable and herb mix and run nutrients at half strength till right before flower
Where mg messes with you is in flower your trying to dial down the nitrogen for ripeness and really going into flower blooming you have longer flower times with more nitrogen in the mix
I use mh and hps lights to you definitely need to get a cool hood reflector to move that heat veg bulbs of 6500k or 6000k are awesome and 2000k for hps my favorite flower bulb is the red sodium hps bulb by argosun 2000k .
Your cool right now but when they get big you will need to trim for your light. Off to a great start thought

Yea ur girl is more then likely just putting down roots and getting her feet under her. They have a bit of a slowdown in the beginning then explode.

I also agree on the investing in a more cannafriendly nute line the MG. Yea it grows weed but its unforgiving to beginners

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@PurpNGold74 Do you have any suggestions on what to use over MG. I was like a chicken with it’s head cut off in the gardening store where I bought everything; I just tried to buying everything off of tag words.

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Are you in the states? If so in a legal area? Just saying local hydro stores have everything from General Organics to Fox Farms to Advanced Nutrients. Megacrop is an EXCELLENT starting ‘dry’ nutrient’. They even offer a sample u only pay shipping on. I personally use Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil (good through a nice quick veg) then megacrop and Alaska Fish Bloom Emul. ~$12 from Walmart.

Long story short. There’s a thousand ways to skin that cat my man

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I’m in Canada and it is 100% legal. I’ll check out Megacrop!!

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I sprayed it every 30 minutes for a 3-4 hours today without any change. I’m going to try peeling it back manually tomorrow, do you have any tips?

Maybe add a little hydrogen peroxide to the water you’re spraying with. How long has it been sprouted with it on there?

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