I have some dark areas in my grow

I have some dark areas in my grow rm, I have 4 plants 18” tall In a as of now 4x6 grow space, 12/12 for 6 days and the 2 chocolopes have pistells, and 2 white rhinos that are a cpl days behind, but doing well thanks to all that helped from here, my question is, will these led bulbs give me a lil help? I have A 1200w 280 actual and 2 600w 140 actual leds by philizion.i know cheap, junky lights, I agree, but it’s what I got till next grow, I just want to fill in the dark areas, I did train them and the canopy is mostly even , the tall ones are to stiff to bend now, for a first grow I think I’m doing ok, here’s a picture of the 100w led bulb, I’m thinking one for each plant

image ,and the girls in purple,

So, you have a 280 w light (actual draw) and two 140 watt lights (actual draw). They’re good for approx 11sq ft. You have 24 sqft.

How big around are the plants? Can you fit 3 in a row against the 4’ wall?
Going in an L shape, with 1 1200 and 1 600 on the long side over 3 plants, and the remaining 600 on the short side over the last plant might help maximize your photons.


The white rhinos are about 14” give or take and the chocolopes , one is at least 18” or more, the other is maybe 14”. I ve looked at many layout options, but never thought about an L shape, that would def help. Or all 4 plants along the wall. I have lots of room. I can move the one side in to make it like “22 x 72” - or +. As needed. Any better than a L? Thx

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Also, I’m not sure about plant spacing, should I squeeze them close into a 4x4? I have fan on low. Comes on with the 12/12 timer.

Look up schwazzing

Yeah they need a trim, first grow, I think I’ll do as they show and slowly remove the under groth , I trim a lil each time I adjust my ties, but being in flower stage should I wait till week 3 or just keep trimming lightly on them every cpl days, thx

Is schwazzing different from lollipopping?

Schwazzing is complete removal of all fan leaves.
There’s more to it than that, but it’s essentially massive defoliation at flower and then halfway through.

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Of course it also adds special nutes to help the plant overcome the loss of said leaves. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone just starting out.

Perhaps you could put in some panda film, or rigid Mylar backed insulation to cut down on the unused section of the tent. It’ll at least bounce some photons where they’re needed.

You can add more cheap purple lights, but they probably only draw 15-20 watts each. It’s not really enough, and it’s an expensive way to solve the issue.

i agree with Drinkslinger, the ‘100w’ LED bulbs would just be in the way,
by the time u get them close enough to the plants they will be blocking the Phlizon light.!

u have just barely enough light to cover a 2x5 area,
line em up along the 6’ wall and space out the Blurples…
the 2x ‘600’ will cover 24" x 15" each,
the ‘1200’ should cover the remaining 24" x 30" area.
turn the fixtures to match their area.!

if the plants will not fit in a 2x5 area, cull out one or 2 and let the other 2 or 3 get okay light.!!

no matter what u do with the Blurples u will not have great lighting,
save up some cash and invest in better lights.!

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Update, I moved my plants to an L shape, with Mylar on all 4 sides, I have the 1200w and a 600w on the back wall, covering 3 plants and one 600w on one plant. Next grow will be 2 plants in a scrog, I’ll keep it to 2 plants with the lights I have.

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Here it is, open to suggestions.

I think this my best option.

i love the dowel rods, nice way to keep the mylar off the lights.!!

some old guy put it best…

in flower, cannabis needs 700-800 micromoles per second at the tops,
any less and they will stretch while flowering.!
going by 50-70 wpsf for Blurples,
the 2x5 area should get u that concentration of light needed.!

in my opinion, if u have too many plants to fit in that area get rid of one, its better to grow less plants with adequate lighting then to starve more plants with inadequate light.!!


Solid advice from @SlowOldGuy

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the dowel rods keep the lights from twisting around. for sum reason they dont hang straight, they wanna twist. thx for the info

The power cables put a slight amount of pressure on the lights, causing them to twist/turn.
Been there.