I have an unusual bug problem

Hello all.

I need help. I live in a condo and grow in my bedroom. Recently, I have seen cockroaches in my bedroom. Let me add that roaches are not unheard of in the building but not so much in my condo.

So, I did a little research and discovered they tend to stay near their sources of food and water. Since I never eat in the bedroom and the only sources of water are my plants, the watering can and my humidifier, I am not sure what I can do.

Are roaches attracted to plant? Has anyone else had this problem? If anyone has a suggestion I am open. I am not afraid of them but they really gross me out.

Please wear a mask.


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Yea my house has a minor roach prob (the small German roach that’s nigh impossible to fully exterminate) they aren’t attracted to my plants AT ALL it might be because of the constant light (them being a dark scavenger) or the citric smells of my fruity terps that are naturally anti pest I dunno throw some baited glue traps and catch them early

Hi. Thanks for the response. They are not in the plant, just in the same room. They condo will send an exterminator but I can’t do that for obvious reasons. :crazy_face:
Take care.

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Roaches will seek out moisture. Your soil could be attracting them .


You might try elevating your pots slightly on a wire rack/shelf and putting baited traps under them.


Use a 5 gallon bucket and buy a kid as a watering can. Then just get a scoop for it.

Also roaches omfg… Idk how you people live with roaches!
I would be deep cleaning my whole condo room by room, setting up traps and setting up the chemical traps so they take it back to the other roaches/eggs.

A roach can lay 300 eggs in its short lifespan… Your problem could get out of hand really quickly
Canada is to cold for roaches at least


The thing with roaches is if the neighbors have them they keep coming back no matter how clean you keep your place.


Canada is definitely not too cold for roaches.
Canadian here. Have seen tons of cockroach infestations in my lifetime.

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Inside peoples houses i geuss… But they dont live outside in the wintee so its much much easier to control them here.

We live in the southeastern US and Cocoroaches, to quote the great Jewish comedian Jackie Mason, are part of the ecosystem around here. Not hard to control if you keep a clean house, however, they still show up to visit from time to time. Around here after large weather changes, lots of rain, etc. There is an online outfit called “Do My Own” that sells all kinds of insecticides, and typically excellent stuff that is hard to get in local stores without a license. We use a product called Temprid, that works very well. We have a large garage, 3 cars, boat and a JD Gator with 2 doors on each side, and after spraying it I find them dead or dying for a couple of weeks. It is good for 90 days or so indoors, and once dry, pet safe. We have 2 dogs. You can also buy a one shot bottle good for a 1 gallon sprayer mix very cheap.


Ty for the response and I apologize for getting back to you so slowly. I have a new problem. That plant has stopped growing, I guess after a shock. I am not sure what happened. I did, at one point, drop the light against the stem which had extremely minor damage. That is the only shock I could think of. I have already started another plant…
How is your grow going?


Several things can affect plant growth. Temps, lights, auto vs photo etc…