I have a question for yous all about purple lemonade auto

Ok guys i have a question for yous all has anyone ever done the purple lemonade auto like me ,i had two purple lemonade autos i harvested one and the second one is flowering but its different from the last one in so many ways i know i probably have a different pheno type the second purple lemonade is different in the way that its growing and the way its flowering is different to the way the other one started to flower it started with purple buds and the second one is flowering but it doesn’t have the purple buds from the start so what i was wondering has anyone else grown this strain from fast buds i just want to hear how your plants grew and if it started flowering with purple flowers or not

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No experience with that strain yet but I do have 2 sativa’s from fast buds

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I quite like there genetics

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Yeah first time I’ve used them and I’m happy with my results they have began the flush another week and I’ll be chopping them

Maybe you got a completely different strain. With all the different ones available who knows what we’re buying anymore

See i got a three seed pack of purple and the third purple that my friend has is starting with purple buds aswell but this second one ive got no purple yet

No matter where you get seeds, what u plant in, inside or out, same nutes, the girls are all different
They like to be different like that.

Yah well i think its a different pheno type because its alot bushier and bigger , overall a much better plant

Amazing strain! I believe there is two or three Phenos, all super lovely