I don"t believe it

hey guys,
All summer I’ve been worried about neighbors, insects, mold, mildew. Little did I know that my two Girl Scout Cookies were being violated by an unknown source. As I am doing my harvest and trimming today, which pretty much took all day, I discovered that my beautiful buds have been heavily inundated with countless amounts of premature seeds. I have a few questions:
I guess I proceed as normal with my washing and drying and curing.
Will I be able to isolate the seeds when the crop is fully dried or will it be a nightmare trying to remove them during preparation.
This is for my personal use so weight really doesn’t matter, only if I give away as gifts.

The seeds purchased were feminized and I’ve read that this could be an issue. I don’t see any herme evidence on my girls so i wonder if it’s someone in the neighborhood. I DON"T BELIEVE IT!

Do I proceed as normal with the rest of the harvesting steps?
Thanks and be well…elliot


That really sucks and will definitely make it far less potent even if you take the trouble to separate the buds.

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Then it’s someone in the neighborhood who didn’t catch their male in time. I think this is going to be a common problem as the laws change and more and more folks grow. Not legal to grow here and my neighbor put his smack in the middle of his yard. Fortunately, he killed any males he had.


Another advantage growing indoors. For all you know a male Hemp plant pollinated. You will never know.


I have a GSCE auto that started to produce seeds weeks ago, but the seeds never developed. She’s getting chopped tomorrow so I guess I’ll find out if there’s more. In the last month or so, I’ve seen 6 or 7 topics here of GSCE’s, auto’s and fem’s, starting to make seeds with no signs of herm, and low chances of neighboring males. I asked my neighbor and he had females, he let me check. But one or two of the topics mentioned went herm.

Were they autoflower seeds?

I’ve had a confirmed hermie that I can’t confirm. I just know it pollinated all my females in an inside controlled environment. Never found a nanner. But got seed from my second single girl too. Because I opened the middle flap and missed it in the in-between clean. So when I opened it mid flower it said poof. But it wasn’t bad. I found maybe 3 seeds in what I used of it. I turned over 3 oz to hash. So considerable amount for only 3 seeds. Ofc most of it can’t say for.

Found about 30 in first grow. Trashed them all since I couldn’t determine the hermie. Don’t want a self hermi strain. I kept my femenized seeds from second grow of course.

No not autoflower just feminized

I have read that it’s possible to pollinate a single branch on a cannabis plant with pollen and a plastic bag. Does that mean that each bud on a plant has to receive pollen for that flower to produce seed. If that’s so, between my two girls there’s more than 100 buds with immature seeds and each one has been pollinated from an outside source, I doubt it.
Pollen coming from any outside source in my very conservative neighborhood and with no evidence of them being hermes, the situation is very odd to me. My third outside grow and this has never happened before.
Maybe there should be a third option when purchasing seeds called “autoseeding.”

You took a magnifier yet and really combed through them buds?