I bought some regular seeds, arrived, do I plant all? Unsure which would be male seed

I don’t think there is a way to check for male seed,…actually it is exactly what I wanted, some regular seeds, got me some durban poison, ten seeds, and five white widow regular, where Ihave some female white widow seeds left over, I mean, I wanted to make some white widow seeds by breeding so I have an ample supply of this great strain, from europe, I mean, I had a great easy time growing white widow. Now the durban poison, I figure I suppose I would need to plant all ten to come up with some males, I guess, unsure. I mean, at just five seeds for the white widow, I hope I get a male in the mix. Really, I didn’t want to plant all ten seeds of durban poison, cause like I can only have so many plants, and limited room, I don’t think by looking at seed size one can tell if its male of female seed…I got me some gold leaf in that mix too, five seeds, I should grow one seed, and maybe put my spare unused seeds in the freezer…then I read of a post someone was making a warning of putting seeds in a freezer, I mean, I just worry bout having access to seeds, though I am in Oregon, I can buy plant starts locally, I worry about stupid laws in the future, or customs clamp down or problems, etc etc,…pays to be prepared for anything,…plus making seed, is something I have been wanting to do, I am still trying to make seeds from a super skunk plant that has been budding for over four months now, I think it has seeds, its heavy with bud, and what looks like there might be seeds.

To my knowledge there is no way of telling male or female from seeds ?

There is no way to know gender by the seed. You have to grow them for a while before you can sex them. Also white widow is a hybrid and seeds grown from them will most likely produce plants that have (very) different characteristics from the parent plants. I would suggest taking clones from your best white widow plant and creating a ‘mother’. alternately you can buy feminized seeds from ilgm and you’ll have white widow every time. Anyone is free to correct me if I’m wrong on any count here. Best!

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There Is a way to make Feminized seeds, In the “Guides” section on top of this page , go to ; Seeds , Soil, and Fretilizer, then to “recognize top quality Seeds” then “Buying top shelf Seeds” Robert wrote an article on making Feminized seeds, Very cool. Also “Hermie seeds , good or no good” in the “search topics” is a very interesting thread containing seed production/propagation ideas. by @Paranorman, @Hammer, @Careg, and @garrigan62, …only here at ILGM !!<*)))><{

I would love to see your super skunk

I cast mine like chicken bones, the ones that point north to south :left_right_arrow: are sometimes female

10 regular seeds will average about 5 of each, so plan your area accordingly

  • best of luck!
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I have an awesome write up by Robert
If you would like it I could send it to you via message.
It’s very large.


Yes, I would like that writeup, garrigan, bow do I get it?..Also, I have posted pics of the “rhodialization” or however it is spelled,…and I guess it is getting time to post another picture of the super skunk I have let flower, well, for at least five months, its driving me crazy,…it was a stunted plant, it is about a year and a half old, and I KNOW it has some seed on it,…so small but heavy bud, and I am sure it has seeds. The next step in my “evolution” is breeding, I understand some, but experience is golden,…I can now say I have “grown” mairjuana for two years, and I have learned alot of things.

My good friend @Majiktoker is very good at what you
plan on doing. more than sure he’ll be more than happy to help you out. And I will be here as well

B Safe

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I"d like that article, if you could send it to me also !!

Yes id be happy to help and Chime in if need be, I can walk you through it if and when need be as well as different ways to breed plants and what they are known as, I can also teach you how to create your own F1 hybrids and so on so forth @budbd

Rule#1 what makes a good breeder is a breeder who can make feminized seeds.

A couple breeding terms, crosspollination: using 2 plants of different species to breed, usually resulting in hybrids. And a term called “selfed” this is known as when a female plant is stressed and starts to pollinate herself and no other plant. Any other terms will be apart of the teaching

Happy growings I’ll be around if you need the help.

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On it’s way via message.


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I need your help in another thread as well brother…please and thanks

Yeah I read the article, very interesting. Apparently, maybe purchasing colloidal silver for some experimentation, the stuff bought is too weak. Gosh, I think the only silver I have is a old vintage but well worn Canadian fifty cent piece coin, unless I can find a mercury dime or pre 60’s us quarter, I think I have stuffed away somewhere(I used to have a small coin collection, now I don’t), …I think the center of the coin is copper thereby making it not pure silver for the canadian coin though. Ya know, I just want to figure out a way to make some regular seeds, and I suppose some feminine seeds would be smart to do as well of course. I have reference books on the subject of cannabis, errrrrr, round the home somewhere, haha. I need to get my durban poison regular seeds a going, for “fatigue” and maybe needing more “energy” etc. I was hoping to not get all tied up with a max number of plants, cause I get lazy, but jeese, I want to grow some durban poison, and I wanted to do the gold leaf I have, I might put off playing around with white widow again for awhile, maybe, I sure do like white widow, so do alot of my friends liked my white widow.

I think you can buy colloidal silver in pretty much any health food store or GNC type store ?

Oh yeah, but didn’t I read that the colloidal silver that can be bought is generally for consumption and aint strong enough…might be in the article that was sent to me.

Maybe ? I’m not sure but that kind of makes sense, hopefully someone can clear it up for us cuz I’d like to know too ?

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