I bought a three pack of MJ Booster, and likely will also the pest control set

Okay, I was sold on the idea of getting that marijuana booster, so I bought three sets, I mean, I am feeling confident with my mmc(medical marijuana card) that I will be doing regular growing to keep myself supplied, I liked the whole idea of having a close relationship with support and those free e-books, this site is awesome in that way. I will likely buy some plant protector once I get paid tomorrow, I am guessing it is applied regularly, or maybe the mold control is. Honestly, I have a lot of stuff in my “garden shed”, have battled leaf mold on various garden plants, etc, outside, pest control I’ve used general home made solutions, but hey, I am open for investigating a ready made product. I generally sit and look at my seedlings get bigger under a single t5 bulb, plan on using a cutting/seedling tent when it arrives for that fixture.

Good luck. Is this the beginning of a grow journal?

Ha, unsure what a grow journal is, but I am like gonna do everything by the book metaphorically, or literally if we are talking the e-books and grow bible, actually gonna order me some of that plant protector bottles stuff just in case I run into trouble later.

A grow journal is keeping track of your grow, day by day. Changes, things learned, interesting tidbits. It’s one of the choices in the forums.

Yeah, I agree on a journal, I am already losing track, and need to note any mistakes or whatever to know for sure if I do something wrong. I am already learning from the school of hard knocks, getting seeds to sprout properly, or I’ll know in a couple days, and I’ve read the grow bible and other resources, but two of my White widow seeds didn’t make it, and I started some replacements to get me to my allowed limit, and I’m unsure about those, I’ll know in a couple days, I forgot if I have germinated the replacements in peat pellets for a week, or less than a week. Right now I have four healthy seedling plants, and one I just saw is sprouting leaves finally, seems the original pair of leaves were damaged for some reason, I hope it aint gonna be a stunted plant. I’ve already forgot when I started the first seeds and got five out of seven, maybe it was three weeks ago. YUP, CLASSIC CASE why a person needsto make a grow journal. Another good thing is I ordered two sets of plant protector bottles apart from all booster yesterday, I mean, I aint playng around, but I can tell that starting seeds is where I am starting to get a worry.