Hydroponic problem slow

I’m a little frustrated as my plants in the soil grow faster, one in my dwc plant I have measured the ph value, and the ec value it is as it should be, they have had a little hard start and almost looked like this from the start on foliage, I think they got too little nutrients when they were in rockwool block, but it is now 4 days since they are thrown in dwc and there is almost nothing done. Now I have tried to turn on the bloom button on my led panel in the hope that something more will happen. Hope to help me with what happens?

Sorry i am using Google translate

Plants will seem to slow our stop growing for a time while they send out roots. This could be the issue. As long as they still look healthy you should be ok.

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I agree that they are growing down to seek water and don’t worry they will shoot back up. my plants at 16 days

I learned that if you keep the nutrient level below the net cup the roots will seek the water and will grow faster. If you have the water too high you can waterlogged the medium(rockwool) and will cause problems with slow growth and microbe problems.

Leave a 1 1/2" gap between net pot and water level. They are a little slow to start, but before long they will EXPLODE