Hydro system with central res

Can someone recommend a hydro system for 2 plants with a central reservoir. No budget.

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@TDubWilly @Bogleg have fun fellas! No budget! :wink::v::bear:


LOL if you have no budget than I personally would look into what is known as current culture

They have top-of-the-line stuff that will get you going right from the start you just need to choose how many buckets you want.

Or you could start from scratch and learn to build and customize your own system and build it to fit your every need which this is definitely the route I would recommend, but if you don’t want to build current culture is definitely top the lot


I second what Tdub said. :slight_smile:


@TDubWilly well I guess I miss spoke when I said no budget. Didn’t expect it to be that much. But from looking at the site it looks like the smallest they have is a 4 bucket system. Looking for a two bucket system with a central reservoir. That shit does look top notch though and something I could see my self buying in the future. Any links to a diy system


They sell individual setups also where you can just buy single buckets. You can order to single buckets and then find somewhere that has a central Reservoir also

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I buy the cheaper versions from ez stor and connect them myself with a product called uniseal

EZ Store Container/Bucket, 8 gallon