Hydro pH control

A question from a fellow grower:

I do have a question, I have a hydro system in steel (4 Gal) I am having problems for pH creep. I add about a quart of H2O everyday and drop the pH down to 3.3 in the water I add to compensate for the drift up to 7.5. It is frustrating that I can’t keep the pH down at around 5.5 -6. I don’t have an external reservoir so I am adjusting this by hand.

Any suggestions?

Ph perfect nutrients by advance or you have to just manage , it comes with the territory of growing hydroponically . Whenever you grow in water you will always experience a ph swing , you just have to manage it the best you can are used Advance nutrients to try to help manage the ph ?

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just for clarification; Did you say you were using a steel reservoir?

I would also like to say; "When I use a Reverse-Osmosis unit as my water source; I do not have much PH fluctuation.

I still dont get it… how do we control the ph of the water? Is there a special product to put in the water?

Yes… it’s called ph up and ph down … by general hydroponics…


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