Hydro indoor leaves turning yellow

White Widow Auto - First time hydro in a tent. Using deep water culture method. Ph was running high originally at 7. I’m using tap water and I run an air pump 24/7, light cycle is 18/6.
Temps in low 80’s. 70% humidity on average.
I’m using a spider light and tent setup and the light is low wattage for a 2x2 grow.

Plant is 4 weeks since seed came up.
I’m not seeing leaf photos that look like mine so I am hoping you can help.


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Your target is 5.8

Let’s start with the usual suspects. What is your solution current pH, PPM, and water temperature?


My current ph is 6.2 since yesterday.
I have no clue as to my ppm in my water.
Water temp is 74. I’m using the stage 2 Bergman’s hydro mixture measured out and I mixed it was an extra gallon of water so it isn’t full strength.

I started out bad by over fertilizing with the stage 1 . I flushed that solution out with tap water which has a 7 ph level in my area. That was week one.

In hydro you want 5.8ph don’t want to stray too far from that.

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Keep the PH steady at 5.8-6.0, temps are a little high for the buckets…70 degrees would be max before risking pythium. Are you adding a root inoculant to help? Something like Hydroguard or Southern Ag. Adjust your PPMs to 800-1000 and PH at 5.8 and check the PH daily as it’ll drift upwards. Check the color of the roots as well, you’ll want a healthy white color unless you’re adding some thing that darkens the nutrient solution :love_you_gesture:


I have not added anything because I am not sure what is causing the problem.

You mentioned ppm levels again. I have not seen this measurement being used with hydroponics. I’ll research this topic.

Thanks for your help.


I would suggest adding Hydroguard or Southern Ag to your res to help keep the bacteria away. PPMs are another method of measurement it’s approximately 1/2 of the EC :love_you_gesture:


It looks like the starter cube that I used has garbage of some type growing on and in it.

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What’s the EC and PH. The leaves are reflecting an issue with either nutrients or PH. What do the roots look like :love_you_gesture:

Ph 5.6
ppm is 1028 and is shown here:

Looks like I mixed the solution incorrectly.

The ppm was tested with .5 and .7 scale and both read the same.

On a crappy side note. The water I purchased as distilled is a rip off the ph is 7.3 when tested with 2 different meters.

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Use the 500 scale, FF nutrients use the 700 scale I believe?? I’ve had distilled read over the normal 7.0. What’s your tap water PH and TDS? PPMs and PH look good. Temps are high though for hydro. Maybe recalibrate the TDS pen and recheck :love_you_gesture:

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There is so much misinformation out on the web. Some mistakenly say distilled water does not need its ph adjusted etc.,

My tap water runs at 6.8 ph with 196 ppm and the distilled water is 7.0 with 0 ppm. I checked my calibration for my ph meter and it is correct.
I can’t recalibrate my ec tps meter.

I’m going to change out my nutrient solution to see if that helps to heal my plant. If that doesn’t work. I’ll sanitize my setup and start over.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.


Personally I would use your tap water source and factor in the TDS when mixing your nutrients. That PH is really good and the TDS of your water source isn’t bad. My tap is 7.1 PH and less than 100 on the TDS :love_you_gesture:

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Okay on using tap water and ppm, my ppm is 170 for tap and 7.0,7.3 ph

Bushdoctor “sledge hammer “ saved the day. I flushed my system twice with it and my girl came back to life. I started adding Burgman “flower time fertilizer to my mix. I switched to fox farm fertilizer after burning my plant badly because of improper mix ratio. So for this baby it’s Fox Farm and Burgman mix until she is done.

I’ll add an update after a week of using the “flower time fertilizer “

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