Hwlp me....Are these ready?

I have amnesia haze auto that are in week 4 of flowering. Almost week five. How do I know if its ready!
20200920_143217|375x500 ady to harvest

![160062953146035573094288536672|375x500] (upload://28xJBenQ2jNhLY5UY88pMApZcfo.jpeg)


For regular photo plants you just take your microscope and look at the color of the trichomes. The trichomes start looking like clear hairs with a bulb at the top, and as they mature they turn milky, and then amber. Depending on the amount/color of your trichomes, your high will be different. You generally want to harvest at 40-60% amber and 40-60% milky

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autos do their own thing. yours looks ok. might let it go a little longer, but, watch the trichome colors