Humidity domes that cover seedlings and clones

I was wondering do you know if it’s bad to use a plastic humidity dome that has yellowed over time and from use? I wondered if it could be blocking any light from my T5 or causing harm to them. They seem to be doing fine but I thought I should ask in case I’m setting myself up for failure in a week or so. Thank you all.

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any kind of surface between light source and plant degrades the light some…
saying that a clouded hood would degrade even more light…
i would try to CLR it or something…lol my opinion


It shouldn’t hinder them too much but they aren’t too costly to replace either if you wanted


Thank you both for your responses. And I agree. Thank you both and it’s a fair point about the low cost to them. I should just go pick one up :wink: it’s one of those things that crossed my mind as I was setting up my little cloning area. I appreciate the responses. If I can find some CLR or something similar around the house I’ll see if it will work. Save me a trip out in the cold.


I use clear bags and cups in a pinch :wink:


You know that’s a great point. I do have some 2 liter bottles I could cut the tops off of right now. The 2 liter bottle trick I actually learned on this website from other members! And great idea about the Ziploc bags I could have even some gallon-sized around here. Thank you all for the replies. I really appreciate it.


Hi. IDK if it would work for you, but I was told of a great way to treat my headlights on my car to clear off the yellow build up in a blink of an eye. Finger nail polish remover. I bought a pretty old car, and the man had his kid clean off the yellow for me, and it worked amazing.


Really? That’s interesting. Thank you very much for sharing that. I’m going to try both ideas along the lines of CLR and I’ll try some nail polish remover. If those two don’t work I’ll just go out and buy a new dome today I think. Thank you guys for the advice. I’m going to give all of them a try. Thx for your help and time all!

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