Humidity and temp for seeds?

Is there a suggested humidity and temp for seedlings? Any different from veg?

If it matters strain is WWA

70-77F, 50-70% RH for seedlings.


You could run a little more rh but that works too.

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So it looks like its the same as veg, I’ve found here on the forum.

Thank you

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You don’t want that much humidity veg. If you do they will not drink as much water. Plus less humidity in the air helps the plant feed from the roots.
I run around 45-50% RH for veg when agressivly growing.

But everybody grows different. Nobody will ever know who is correct. Just the lady’s in the grow shack will.

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I found this on a previous thread some time ago… Thoughts anybody?

Hey @Snowman… Will the bandit know who is correct?

Nah the bandit doesn’t even have a clue! Lol

I may have to mess around with the humidity a little. Now I’m curious what 70% RH would do for veg.

This is my 2nd grow attempt, i lost my last 10wwa seeds and at these
expensive grow prices… I gotta do it right this time.

Thank you

I feel your pain! I planted 5 Durban poison and 2 Crystal, only one of each decided to grow… never had a problem growing bag seed. My only conclusion would be damaged in shipping some how.

Please let me know how the next ones turn out! GOOD LUCK!!!

It has been challenging… Slow growth, wrong pH for starter peat plugs… Had some light stretching issues… So they are stunted… But getting better… Here is latest pics…

Thank you for answering my questions. But how do you increase if need be, because currently my grow room hold tight at 38-44. %.

What happened that you lost them?

Change your environment, while small enough, put them in a humidity tray… I got one on amazon. Then when too big, put them in a grow tent and maybe a humidifier… I want to get a humidistat next time because last year too much moisture was building up on the led light and I was fearful it would short out

Look at my profile for my grow environment

Just noob mistakes… Water too much… Wrong soil/pH… I had to learn about soilless versus soil… Experimenting with different lights… It all eventually comes together with trial and error and posting pics on here and learning from others… Ask questions people here will help!

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