HPS or Metal Halide in the veg?

What’s the best lighting to use in the veg? High pressure sodium or metal hide? Also what’s the best light intensity for the veg?Thank you.

This is what you want for vegging plants. 50 watts per square foot is your metric.


MH then switch to HPS for flower


Imo either will grow. Most will say metal halide because you won’t see the internodal elongation with it that you would hps. That will keep plants shorter and more compact, which is usually more ideal for indoor grows.


Hi dbrn, off topic here but watched some Dr Bugbee videos on lighting and plant growth and all they need to grow. Wow was really
Fun and interesting, some common sense, some more involved. Think the big one for me is keeping the passive exhaust moving without losing to much heat now that I’m in winter. Didn’t realise how important the fresh air thing was but now I do . I’m holding temps at 22C can’t wait for summer I’ll keep grow at 28C and start some outdoors as well.
If everyone watched some of these vids before posting they’d understand so much more.
Cheers mate .


Thanks everyone!

Thanks I’ve been wondering what the difference is between to two grow effective wise… my mh came broke, replacing it but the replacement wont be here for a few days so I’m using my hps one and I’m freaking out cus I’m my head I’m "not supposed to use this one yet) now I know why, and I’m okay with that until the new one arrives.