How's my grow looking?

Hello my fellow ‘botanists’! This is my first grow and I’d love to get some feedback! I’ve gone pretty low on the budget here and would just like some advice as I go about this journey.
I purchased some feminized ‘Nova OG’ seeds from twisted trees autoflower.
I planted these gals (I hope) on Aug 6 with them Sprouting the next day. I have been using water pH’d at about 6.5. I have only watered once since I planted on day 6 after germination.
I have them in my spare bedroom closet with no tent and no white paint on the wall for reflection of light.

Medium is Happy Frog soil.
3 gal smart pots
Using a cheap Merkisa Grow Light from Amazon currently.
My Temps average from 74 to 81 degrees F.
RH varies from 49 to 64%
Light is roughly 14 inches away from the top of the seedling. I used to have it at 24" as per manufacturer suggestion.
I have the light cycle going at 18/6

Their stems are quite long and I plan on adding another light here shortly. I have done some research and realized that I have fallen for the trap many of us first time growers fall into with grow lights. I’ll have the Merkisa “1000w” which puts out roughly 100w at the wall and then I just purchased a Phlizon cree cob 1000w to add to the mix. I’m still in the return period for both of these, so if anyone can recommend something at about $200 USD that is on par or better with these two together it would be much appreciated!

I’m open for all tips and tricks that this community may suggest! Let me know how I’m doing!

Thank you.

Pictures are as of 1200am 8/16/2020


Hey any tips for this first time gromie @Cannabian @CoyoteCody @Covertgrower @peachfuzz @Budbrother @Mote


It looks like ur off to a great start to me they look really good


first welcome to the forum!! And they are looking good, you have the right idea staking them up like that, i do the same thing when some of mine become leggy.


HLG will have something that will do better for a little more.


All I can say is HLG
Oh no! … I can also welcome you to the forum, this is the greatest cannabis forum in the known universe.


Can anyone point me to the best option HLG can offer for growing these two ladies? I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg or get anything way too unnecessary. I can DIY something too if anyone can point me to a written post that I can follow along with or that has information that can give me pointers to find equipment. I have a pretty good knowledge of electronics and somewhat of electricity, good with my hands, and learn quick.

Thanks for all of your replies and time!!


Let’s talk diy lights
Diy lighting info
Cheaply lighting a 3x3 tent



This is a 3x3 tent?

Building out a 4 pack of qb 120’s or qb 132’s is pretty easy and really good value for what you’re getting in cost. I would expect to be closer to $300 for that.

@PurpNGold74, those lights you just built would be great in 3x3. What was your cost per fixture?


Thanks man!

my closet is quite large. Larger than 3x3. I measured it out as 2.5’ by about 4 where I have the plants now. The closet still has a lot more room. I’m using about a third of it to grow. I haven’t eliminated the possibility of buying a tent soon though.

Photos for reference


You say about 4’. Is that less or more than 4’?

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It’s 2.5ft x 4.3 ft in this section of closet

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You could build with 1120mm strips too. They are 44", just a little difficult to get into most 4’ tents.

If you feel you’re going to get a tent though, probably makes sense to do something that will jive with it. What size tents are you looking at?

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Sorry. Helluva weekend. $300 in strips. $73 with HeatSink. About $40 with home depot (angle, screws, eye hooks). Maybe $25 from amazon (tape :man_facepalming:t5: N redundant wires, n connectors).

Am i forgetting something? No way i got it done under $500? O! Drivers. $61 a piece. Got 2. $122.

So just under $600… maybe closer to it with shipping and my impatience. About a dollar a watt. N my plants fricking LOVE IT!

My closet is around 2.5-3 x 10. The ~2 foot strips made 2 great lights.

Like DB said, the almost 4 ft strips would do the same. Not sure on the logistics (drivers and amount of strips ud use) but im positive he could help. He set my closet off


That was for two fixtures though right?


Yup. Around $1 a watt. Little more


So that’s probably around $300 too. Thanks homie!

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