How to stop deer from eating my marijuana plants?


My marijuana garden is in a clear-cut in the center of a forest. A few years ago, some trees were replanted that are now all 4 to 8 feet tall. I’ve gone over the area in a small plane and I couldn’t tell the difference between the pines and the mature marijuana plants. I am a late-season plant because the deer problem is big here. They ate the plants when I planted them early in the season, but, when I planted in July, they mostly stayed away. But, by September, all their normal foliage might be gone and I’m afraid they’ll go after my marijuana garden again. Are there any safe, commercially-sold sprays that will discourage deer from eating my marijuana plants?


Hi Cannagrow,

The EPA only recognizes one deer repellent that’s safe to use on edibles: Deer-Off. It’s made from food-grade, organic material and repels deer, rabbits, squirrels, and other mammals based on scent and taste. It is also resistant to rain to some degree. Deer-Off claims that their product was the most effective out of 25 tested by Rutgers University. Some friends of mine have noted that it deterred deer browsing effectively. They created a barrier on the ground near the plants and also on the marijuana plants themselves to keep the deer from getting close. You can find the spray in concentrates and quarts. website:


I would suggest a Winchester .30-06. That way after smoking some tasty nugs you can treat the munchies with venison.


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