How to start grow journal

Ok, this maybe a stupid question. What do you need to do to start your grow journal?
Normal update frequency? Weekly? Major changes or problems

Not a stupid question. You can update it with what ever you would like how ever much detail you like. If you run into problems or issues you can post it and we’ll help if needed.


@ReMoLu, I was asked to include all pertinent information to alleviate any confusion up front. Strain, Soil or Hydro, That sort of things. Bob asked me to build a Support Ticket and go from there. Pictures for sure. I’ll see if I can’t forward a support ticket.

Its just a diary of your grow from start to finish. A place to document everything you do, right or wrong. You can then look back to it on your next grow and see all the things you did right, or did wrong, and improve on it. A place all in one thread that makes things easy to keep tract of, and lets us all follow along and help you along the way.

@Rugar89 That’s exactly right friend