How to set up my humidifier

A question from a fellow grower:

I just bought a humidifier to help control the humidity. Having a hard time getting it above 32% RH at the moment. I want to get everything right BEFORE I put them in the tent. Should have a few weeks still. My question is, I can rotate the spray nozzle, should I point it over the plants or against the tent wall? or somewhere in between, if I have any room left, not sure if I will, there still seedlings under the humidity dome. I don’t know if mist will fall through the air or not, thats why I don’t know where to point the nozzle. Don’t want the plants wet all the time.

I think I’ve figured out how Im going to lower my temp, it normally stays around 85-90F. I’m going to rotate frozen 2 liter bottles in front of the intake fan. Those should take roughly 12-14 hours to melt (I think/hope!) and with it being a sealed bottle it shouldn’t add to much moisture outside of condensation. Do you think this would be a good idea? Lol I’m cheap so I’m trying not to spend thousands! Already spent around $900-1000 on everything from tent to lights to nutes

Thanks for any help you can give this newbie :slight_smile:



I have the opposite problem. I have to run dehumidifier. Do NOT let it wet the plants. I never even spray my plants. The light will burn them

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I’ll give a bit of info on my setup. Please know my Canada is not the best…

Propagation side of tent, both sections are 3’w x 1’d x 3.5’ t


Intake air

Outtake air

And growing part of the tent. 3’w x 3’ d x 7’ t

And temp and humidity

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That should say my camara not Canada!

I get to pick up my humidifier tonight after work, so that should help with the humidity.
Lol my frozen water bottle did not work for my temps :frowning: the bottle was about 80% melted in about 2 hours. And my temp went from 79F to 84F which I don’t understand but it is what it is. Any suggestions to cool down the tent without spending lots of money?

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Are you running an exhaust fan 24/7? If so; you are exhausting your moisture right out of the tent. My first suggestion is to install a dedicated exhaust fan on a thermostat to not draw air through the grow space nonstop. If you have to run nonstop then you will have to humidify the room.

Humidity stays about the same with or without the fans running. It’s the same as outside the tent.

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I would expect that. Put the humidifier into your grow space without a fan and you’ll have high humidity. You will also have high temps. So you are trying to balance the two. You currently don’t have any humidity differential to work with.

Had same issues with my first grow. I ended up getting 2 humidifiers and a Inkwell humidity controller on Amazon. When I moved from 4x4 to a 4x8 had to add portable air conditioning unit.
Inkbird Digital Pre-Wired Outlet Dual Stage Humidity Controller IHC-200 for Mushroom Ventilator Fan Crawl Space Curing Meat Humidifier Dehumidifier

Update…put in my humidifier last night around midnight. It has a 4L tank on it. The tank was still running when I got up around 8. The humidity was at 55% and the temp at 77F. Within the hour the tank emptied. And dropped down to 44% and 82F. I filled the tank back up and within another hour this is where I’m at…


Excellent! Thats good range for where you are at this time

Thought I’d give a little photo update on this, my issues seem to be gone now. The cooler temps outside seem to be really helpful! Not to sure what I’ll do about temps when summer comes back though…but that a problem for another time… On to the pics :slight_smile: All pics were taken on today (11/01)

This first 1 I put in jiffy puck on 10/23 then put into the pot on 10/27… Its a Bruce banner apparently #3 but we shall see…

Second pic is same strain, put it in jiffy puck on 10/19 then into pot 10/27

And a couple pics of inside the tent…


Humidity is a bit low at the moment, the tank ran dry through the night and the tent has been open for the last 30 or so mins so that’s why! Thanks for looking

Urr pic didn’t show up…

Mist goes right from the humidifier straight into the fan then blown right over the plants! Work great only have to water about every 4 days instead of every 2. I know I’ll have to change this later in there life but it works good for now :slight_smile:

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Dealing w/same very low rh readings in the start of grow. May I ask what brand of humidifier did you introduce to your room/tent? Has it served you well over time? I need to order one pronto. :v:

They don’t seem to make the same model I got a few years ago. It was a Taotronics brand and I got it from amazon. Here’s a link to the taotronics website to a humidifier that looks identical…

I’d suggest using only distilled or RO water if you get something like this. If you don’t you will very quickly get a white scale build up around the spout where the mist comes out. I think it works amazingly well for what I use it for! One of the only down sides I see with it is you need to fill the tank 2-3 times a day, depending on how high you need to set it. I always needed to run it full blast, so I have to refill it every 8-10 hours or so. Luckily it knows when it runs out of water so it shuts it off automatically. If you can invest in something with a larger tank then you wouldn’t need to worry about it as often, but I couldn’t afford it at the time :frowning:

Let me know if you need to know something else :slight_smile: Happy Growing

Thx kindly. This one was within my tight budget. Ordered. :v:

Got that humidifier you referred to from Amazon and it made a world of difference in the room! RH has been in the 48-55% range. 2 Wedding Cake & 2 Gelato looking happy. I FIM’d them 2 days prior to this photo. Hope I got it right. :v:


That’s awesome, glad I could help :slight_smile:

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