How to dry Kief rub your harvest

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Yes great topic . @highcountrygal and @Covertgrower Always helps me to learn, when I read it more than once…and pics I love pics.


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i’m about ready to harvest teach me wise one!!!


Switching to watching. I just started flowering so I got plenty of time to go back and reread it because I baked and going to get more baked!Bahahaha…


I don’t get it??? Are you drying your kief?

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I think I get it now…I just throw my keif and buds in the same bag and shake shake shake lol


Okay here goes. There are way too many to tag so please pass it on. This is going to blow your mind and your concept of making keef.

There are only a few things you need and you probably already have them. This is quite a money saver, a safer and much easier method and OMG the return is incredible. So here goes

You need a trim tray of some sort with a micro screen for keef catching

Also a bottom bin to catch your nectar I put a piece of freezer paper on the bottom tray because if you’ve ever chased keef on plastic as it flies around and sticks to everything, it prevents this and your result is much more visable.

Make sure when you are trim collecting to let it dry thoroughly, very important. Take your container of trim and put it in the freezer overnight.

Frozen trim

Dump this onto your screen

This was a purple strain hence the color.

Now here it is are you ready? Start rubbing it back and forth and round and round and on and on until you are ready to stop. This is why it is important to make sure your trim dries completely otherwise you would have wet left overs.

When you are done collect the left over rub and refreeze it.

see how much trim is left?

For all of your hard work this is your rrd!

I have re rubbed 4 times now and still continue to get more and

here is my collection And there you have it HCG’s Dry Rub Keef! Ask anything you want!

Now I get to show you my afternoon trim, now that I have your attention lol

Let me know what you think


Awesome and thanks for the tutorial :clap:t2:


It’s funny you say this, I got a grow buddy but he’s in his 70s so he is old school, but he would tell me that they use to make their hash the same way but they used silk shirts, opened then wide over a “catch bin” and then rubbed the buds on the silk shirt and let the keif fall through… :wink:

So on the subject of “rubbing”, you will have a potent hash product there, much stronger than the bud itself, but this is considered the most contaminating method of keif collecting that people use. You get basically all the trichomes off but plant material comes through also…

Now I have smoked some of the “green hash” myself and I will tell you I was thoroughly satisfied. It didn’t have some of the characteristics that “pure hash” has but I didn’t balk at it at all lol, in fact, I loved it! Enjoy!


How would u do it to make it pure?


So far I haven’t seen any thing other than keef. No green as you can see by the samples and I do not want to mess with dry ice or the such. I am in a wheelchair and am clumsy and I can just see me with dry ice a disaster waiting to happen for me. It’s only me so it works for what I want. There will never be ‘pure’ anything at least in this world. Case in point check out the flour you use for cooking


High @TDubWilly lol I am one of those old schoolers! Figure this one out I was born in the first half of the last century! Cheers to your friends, we oldsters know what’s hep :slight_smile: Those screens are so fine you can’t even see through them. I can’t use it for cooking as chemo took care of that I can’t stand the taste, but when I smoke it I get that taste. Go figure. I can’t wait to see what I get this year!


I’m not a hash expert, although I’ve made a little lol. I have a trim bin myself. You can make it pure with the trim bin, it just takes a long time.

I’ve put this video up here before @anon95385719. I like it because it’s a 4 minute video that gives you a decent overview of some of the ways its made, but there are more.


Oh lol I make that all the time. I have a full grinder of kief every other day or so and I press it. I thought maybe there was something I was missing.

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My home made hash press

No laughing it works.


I don’t press it because it’s easier for me to handle my hands have no feeling so I use a tiny spoon. Actually it presses itself by it’s own weight.


@highcountrygal and that’s when you know it’s STICKY!


OMG this is going to be wipe out weed when I laid the ones down in the pic they were there for maybe 10 mins and when I picked them up to put them in the dry rack bin there was oil all over the paper. I am trimming it early so it will dry sometime this year!