How to bud wash

Ok I’ve read a bunch of post so I went and got baking soda lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide ….but then I seen a video buy jorge cervantis or whoever and all he used what hydrogen peroxide ….so can I just use hydrogen peroxide ? So wash the buds and do a cup per 5 gallons like he did ……or is the lemon juice and baking soda also needed ….? Please and thanks

Yes, you can. I use only hydrogen peroxide when I wash.

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And it takes always all the insects larvae or we I don’t even think I got mold but I wanna always wash outdoors I live in Florida here’s some pics 10 days ago about to chop today ? And so just use 3% hydrogen peroxide one cup per 5 gallons ?

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I do a first wash with 3 gallons distilled water with 1 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide, then a rinse in plain distilled water. Hang to dry with a fan on them until they quit dripping, then dry normally.


Ok so I’ll just use hydrogen peroxide 3% one cup per 5 gallon bucket dip and swirl for a few minutes …why do people say use baking soda and lemon juice

This is from spliff seeds’ article Harvesting Cannabis with Bugs or Mildew.

The first bucket has a high pH of 8+. Mold and mildew does not like high pH and also “shocks” bugs.
Some bud washes include the lemon juice with the baking soda. Based on the purpose of high pH adding lemon juice is counterproductive (IMO). Add it to peroxide bucket.

This is what I use

Getting a bath


That’s the bins I use lol so peroxide alone wouldn’t be enough ….so in the first 5 gallon bucket just backing soda second just lemon juice and peroxide ….

I use 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of lemon juice in one bucket, and straight water in the other two. I don’t use hydrogen peroxide, but it wouldn’t hurt.

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Ya I’m just gonna go with the guys post @beardless hes got 20k likes so obvouiosy he knows but a lot of people say just peroxide

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What formula to use has to consider its purpose. When I wash buds it is because of a mold issue. Either because it was detected or of concern because it was a succeeding grow. That is why I use the three bucket wash. If I was simply washing to remove contaminants a baking soda with lemon juice wash then rinse would be adequate.


This is where I got my method.

So mold would be for peroxide or peroxide for mold and lemon juice is for what ?

Inside my bud there’s like fuzzy hairs I don’t think it’s mold it’s just cuz the plant cught it it’s like fabric material I know it’s ourdorrrs so mites and larvae may be on. It I live in south Florida …so I should just use all 3 would be pest cuz I think my problem if any would be like insects or dead bugs or stuff like that inside the plant

Peroxide is a good antiseptic so yes, it is good for mold. I put it in a spray bottle and wash down the inside of the tent with it. I also use light solution of bleach too.
Lemon juice is acidic and lowers pH. Possibly adds to shock. And, just like in cooking, freshens things up.

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Does this look like mold I just dumped top cola in lemon juice and peroxid bucket ….for 5 minutes didn’t seem to get the black fuzzy sufff off like hair which could be mold ?

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@beardless ^

Bud washing works for bugs n dirt and also white powdery mildew but if you got bud rot. Idk. Best bet is to throw it out. You can try to cut around it maybe. The peroxide might stop it from spreading. Even then smoking it is a health risk. Mold balls in your lungs would suck.

It’s really hard to tell from the picture. It could be bud rot. If it is, don’t smoke it. Can you get any clearer pictures of the questionable area?

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Mold / bud rot is what it looks like to me. If is soft softer than than rest of the bud that is a good indication.
This is what I did.
While cutting down a plant I came across this nasty bit of business

I cut above the spot

Damn. The outside looked good the the inside was a different story.

Need to cut more off. I want it to be perfectly clean. Not a trace left to contaminate everything else.
This looks good

I had a separate container of strong peroxide mix to wash my gloves and scissors in. I also wiped the scissors with alcohols wipes.

I did the same with the bud below the cut.

Bagged and burned the moldy buds.
Everything got the 3 bucket wash.
Dried everything normally after the wash

I was / am very cautious when it comes to mold. If a part of a bud is questionable I say it isn’t worth the risk and out it goes.
I would cut it like I did above until you end up with only clean healthy bud.
Sorry to see it. Good luck.


He’s in a few I will so inside I’m growing under spider farmer 450 watt sf4000 I seen u got hlg gettting one next …do your led lights need to be at full blast max during flowering because I’ve read less light for flowering