How to best increase Autoflower yield?

I’ve grown White Widow Autos for 3 years now outdoors in Vermont. Looking for advice on how to best improve yield: pruning, SOG, SCROG, LST - anyone have success in this area?


@Not2SureYet is a mad auto grower: he ought to have some tips for you.


Proper lighting and nutrient levels will be most critical. I defer to @Not2SureYet for other comments, as I’m not really an auto guy.


At first sign of flower don’t switch to flower nutrients. Ride the grow nutes out until the stretch is over, do a flush and off with the bloom nutrients

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LST and topping are your friend!

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You can top autos and I’ve seen @Not2SureYet’s plants in person: he grows some gnarly monster autos. But the secret (as I found out) is timing of the training techniques. You have to develop a feel for what the plant is doing.


So how do I contact notsureyet?

No idea what she will yield, but I’m hoping she still has 4-6 more weeks of flower left.

IGLM WW auto planted from seed 66 days ago. Lots of LST and Fimmed her at day 30.


Tag him.

I hear you are great with autos. I’m starting my 4th season with white widow autos & want to try LST & SCROG this year. Looking for advice.

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Thanks @Myfriendis410 :slightly_smiling_face: Herb, I pretty much just do scrogs now. It is about the easiest way I know to keep these guys in line. This is a grow I just started. I am only a few weeks in right now. I have 4 autos started. It should give you a good idea of how I grow them. If you want big plants. One of the easiest ways is to grow in coco or promix. I have no idea why. But autos seem to veg for about 4 weeks in soil. I get more like 6 and 7 weeks in coco. So that plays a big part in things. I will be doing an up date tomorrow. I just topped the 2 CP last night. I would have waited a little longer. but they are getting to close to the screen right now. It’s always great to have another auto grower around :+1:


Hey Y’all; 100% newbie, but I’ve been reading as much information that I can from Robert. If I should have asked this as a new question/posting then feel free to educate me as such.

Haven’t started, because I haven’t received, White Widow and Norther Lights Autos. Planning to SCROG in small tent: 70x70x160cm, which leaves me ~90cm (3’) of total plant growth (160-light-Grow bag) as my best quesstimate. In any case; a couple of questions.

  1. Where can I find more information about Coco or Promix? FWIW - I’m in USA.
  2. Would I have enough height ~90cm (3’) to allow these Gals to remain in Veg for 6-7 weeks using either of the above grow mediums?
    Any other suggestions, or admonitions, on the matter is greatly appreciated!

Hey thanks! I’ll definitely try SCROG, I got the 10+10 WWA deal so I’ll probably germinate half - I want to get up a good supply for 2022! I’ll do some in the backyard & know a good spot for a guerilla grow.
Interesting about the coco vs soil. I used Fox farm Happy Frog & my own compost, my plants never got really full. Does coco require amendments?

To learn about growing in coco, which is completely different then soil, go to

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Thanks - will dew! :wink:


You have posed some great questions and have received some excellent input already.

Nevertheless I will give you my $0.02 - I have been growing for about a year and have done about everything wrong that I could.

Example: NEVER transplant auto’s. My first grow I replanted not once, not twice not even three times. FIVE times. YIKES.

That being said, the BIGGEST single issue is good lighting. However, consider the source (yours truly) - I was using blurpies exclusively until mid March 2021. Since the new lighting arrived my girls have EXPLODED in growth of the buds (I have 9 in mid to late flowering stages right now). After carefully reading many of the threads on ILGM about light I chose an HLG system.

Always remember - despite what you might read here, Growing is Learning.



I have no problems transplanting. If done correctly it causes no problems or stresses on the plant. It is so much easier dealing with seedlings in small pots and the better start far outweighs the risk of transplanting to their final home.

Thank you SurferDude. While some agree with you that autos should never be transplanted, I’ve also read several sources that claim it’s no problem. After germination I start my autos in yogurt containers with organic potting soil. When the weather allows me to move them outdoors I put them in 5 gal buckets with the same soil + my own compost. I can’t tell you if that reduces my yield, since I never ran it as an experiment against un-transplanted controls. But, it hasn’t been a disaster either.
Growing outdoors I also don’t have to fuss with lighting or ventilation, so that’s easier. My girls just have to play the hand Mother Nature deals them! But I do use a portable greenhouse to protect from rain & early autumn frost.

Where did you find a portable greenhouse?

Walmart for one, Robot or human?