How to adjust ph in promix

Hey all, I have a concern over the ph of my Promix (50%), coco (25%), perlite (25%) mixture. I received these clones a few weeks ago, and they all had at least one leaf that had twisting leaves, almost like the ends were cork screwing between 45-70 degrees. I flushed them (I have non-treated well water the sits around 7-8 ph) and they seemed to perk up but the leaves remained twisted and warped. Next watering I fed them 1/2 strength (flora trio) and they really seemed to enjoy that growing 3” in height and the same in diameter in two days, but the twisted growth remained a few days went by and I knew it was time to transplant out of the 1/2 gal containers to 2 gal pots, roots were growing through the drainage holes, and I hoped moving them into a larger space would help with the leaves. Transplanted into my mix of PM bx, coco, and perlite, and gave them another 1/2 strength feeding. They shot up the following evening with no signs of shock. It’s been a few days since that and the leaves still are twisted, last night I checked the ph of the soils for the pots, to my horror lol the ph was at 4-4.5.
Long story, quick question…
How do I adjust the ph of my grow medium up by 1.8- 2.3 ph? Halp!

They were likely clones that entered flowering and are struggling to re-veg. Thus the twisting.

I is difficult to pH the soil with just water alone. You need half to full strength nutes or other buffer containing additives that are correctly pH’d to bring the soil/medium to desired pH.

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Thanks for the response, how would I go about doing that (changing the ph with additives)?

You could use pH up or its base ingredient KOH (potassium hydroxide), it’s cheap and available on eBay and perhaps Amazon, and it’s Potassium so the plants will absorb it and likely without negative side effects, unless it’s in flower cycle, then potassium phosphorous balance becomes critical, too much K and you’ll have an unnatural abundance of flowers that will likely not develop to full potential and on the flip side, too much P and you’ll have tiny rock hard buds that don’t fill out to maximum potential. The right balance and you’ll have puffy heavy juicy full of resin buds that finish on time.

Promix recommends ph of 5.8-6.2. Which isn’t too far from what you would want for coco or perlite.

I would follow proper mixture instructions for your solution, let rest for 45 min or so, then adjust ph to between 5.8 and 6.

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Awesome, thanks you guys for the response! So I just have to adjust my water/nutes to the sweet zone, and that should fix the low ph of the grow medium, I don’t have to sprinkle lime on it or anything?

Your are better off adjusting with liquids at this point so you don’t throw off your soil PH on the upside by slow dissolving lime. Some will work Dolomite lime into the soil before planting but now you could only work it into the top and this will create different micro environments within the medium/soil.

Okay, I’ll work on that. Thanks again!