How tall do super skunk feminized plants get?

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How tall do super skunk feminized plants get?

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I’m not sure about that strains height but I have never come across a strain that I couldn’t train it to the height that I wanted it to be


It being an idnica dominate strain I would guess that it would be a shorter plant, but there are many factors that go into how tall a plant will be. Is there a height limit you are working with?

Outdoors they get 7 foot tall plus indoors mine indoor were about 4 foot tall with stretch in the flower completely done

I have 2 Super Skunk that I started indoors in Feb/Mar. They were moved outdoors June 6th. One was 31 inches and the other was 28 inches. After 20 days they are now 61 inches and 48 inches.

They are in early pre-flower at 15 weeks of veg. They will double or triple during flower.