How should I check pH

Before or after nutes

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After you add the nutes


Thanks that’s what I thought just wanted to be sure


Check ph before you give to plants. This means after you have added everything thing you plan to add.

And if you ph some water today and go to use it say tomorrow or after a leant if time, recheck the ph.

Checking ph is the last and final step before you give the water to the plant.


What nutrients are u using some have to be mixed in a certain order so they don’t bind with each other. And certain thing need to be added after u pH the water as pH up and down kill off some of the beneficials bacteria needed

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That makes me wonder now… I started gh 6 part this round. A?ways just used the main 3 but felt frisky end of last season and bought some extras.
I’ve just been getting my nutes measured off let stand 15-20 and then come back to adj pH if needed.
But me wondering now…maybe y a girl or 2 showing up some deffiency problems. Things that make ya go hmmmmmmm