How old do my plants look?

Hello, this is the second post I have made about my Amnesia haze plants in 1 pot. I started a grow diary right after my plants sprouted, but things happened that caused my to loose track of it. So I’m not sure how far along they are. I will attach some photos and maybe you can tell me what you think. Thank you.

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Please let photos to load 100% before slapping the reply button.


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Sorry I did’n know.:grimacing:


Hard to tell maybe week 5-6 :love_you_gesture:


This one is 3 weeks into flower

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These came from outside on July 13th to a tent under 12/12, so 8 weeks since flip.

Temps were in the 90’s last week, that and a new light = foxtail city!

9 plants crammed in a 4x4. Note the bamboo across the door and walls to combat the negative pressure.

The Dutch Treat didn’t seem as affected by the heat as the 9Lb Hammers were

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This app is mostly free, it tracks two tents and 8 plants for free. Its got everything you would need to track a grow.

Ypur plant look like it just hit mid flower so you have more then 4 weeks less then 9.

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Thanks for the photos and the advice.:sunglasses:

Thanks for the comment.

what strain Tom, looks familiar

White widow auto from I❤️

White widow auto’s from l❤️GM

Three days since that last photo.


Just received my gorilla Grow Tent. I needed more height to my tent they are getting so big i couldn’t move the light up anymore :rofl:

I took some new photos that I hope you can see my plants better.

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