How much yield is expected to be achieved with this method?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

|I’m using led lights I kind of want to ask you some questions about my grow because I used a different method of growing my basil plants. For a while I was using lamps with a grow light to and placed them over the plants for about the first month. According to your standards mine were growing at about half the rate that yours was. I probably should have actually found out the cause of the stunned growth when I figured out that the plastic containers I had them in (to prevent water and nutrients) wasn’t big enough the roots have completely taken over the bottom and started to curl so I transplanted them as best as I could using your method as best as possible. Now they seem to be doing a lot better both roots and plant are growing and I’ve added 4 1600 lm led 5000k lights with one led 2620 lumen light with a “soft white spectrum” so that’s in between 2700k and 3000k. One plant gets 2 1600lm 5000k light and splits the soft white light between two plants. Instead of the traditional having the lifts above the plants I’ve placed them to hit the sides more so than the top. How much yield is expected to be achieved with this method? So I started off with a a19 full spectrum grow light that’s used 660nm and 480nm spectrum 3000k with three other 825lm 60 watt led spectrum 5000k with about a 3 or 4 gallon cylinder plastic container. No fertilizer but using miracle grow. Before transplant soil was completely flushed. I transplanted them to a 12 gallon pot with a little fertilizer to make the in the soil at the moist then I placed the plant on top of that soil then added more around it to keep stable. Then I poured more fertilizer around the plant in the soil that wasn’t wet at just to get it little wet then put a little put on the stems for immediate use. It has been four days since and I have not watered them at all. They are about a month and a half old.

You’re not going to get much, not with that amount of light over two plants.

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Everybody I’ve asked on the forum said that one I had no where near enough light and that two lm weren’t a good measurement for light efficiency.

Well, first, definitely not enough light and lumens can give you an indication but, as you’ve been told, are not the best measurement for how effective the light is for plants.

At a guess, your 5 bulbs MIGHT be enough for one small plant so you’re looking at doubling up and then a bit more, which means you would maybe just as well buying a half-decent grow light.

Hmm okay thank you I appreciate the insight.