How much time left?

Outdoor Blue dream autoflowers around 8 weeks any idea when i should flush or how much growing is left?

Eight weeks from seed or 8 weeks from the start of flowering?

From Seed

Go afternoon :blush:. You have a considerable amount of time left. Do you know how long they have been in flower? :blush::v:

The flowering clock of 8 to 10 weeks starts when the plant first starts flowering rather than the clock starting from seed. You have plenty of white pistils left and likely will be several weeks before you need to think about flushing. She’ll pack weight on those flowers between now and then, so you won’t be disappointed.

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Pistils started showing at around week 5

You should look to harvest between weeks 13 and 15 then. Seed bank cited flowering times are just that - flowering times. They haven’t yet reached the bulking phase, so the flowers will bulk up nicely for you.

Plant looks healthy. Happy growing.

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Thanks for all the input, this is my first time with autos

@HollerHaze i second those folks :point_up_2::point_up_2: Your pistols are just starting to change color. Your likely looking at at least 4+ wks.

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I’m sorry to say that I believe this plant has been revegging. There’s new single bladed leaves. This is what’s making me think reveg. Which could extend the time needed to finish.

Edit: but it’s an autoflower… why would this happen? How are they looking now? It looked like 2 different plants to me in the original post.

Idk…maybe its from trimming? They’re all four blue dream auto

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For some odd reason… I did not see the update from a couple hours ago. They look a lot better. At the top of the buds in the old pics, I seen single leaves growing out. Those had to be new. They didn’t look anything like the other leaves.
Edit: I still see some fresh pistil action up top. So there’s still time. At least that’s what it looks like.

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