How much power should I use on my grow light

Hey everyone, hope all is well my fellow grownies.
I have a question. I have a scorpion rspec with far red and uv bar. Right now I have it only on three clicks. And at three it’s around 240 270, something
like that. My babies had trouble in the beginning but they pulled through should I give more power or should I wait until it starts to bud. I appreciate all the help in this matter.


Hopefully I did that right. Read through that thread about DLI a little and download the photone app. DLI is a measure of how much light your plants get in a day. Photone will measure DLI for you. It will revolutionize your lighting game. There will be no guesswork and you’ll always know your plants are getting the right amount of light.


Def check out the recommended action, I too set my lighting with DLI. Helped tremendously!


They also look a bit hungry


Feed the plants!

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So I downloaded photon paid 5 bucks for a life’s membership. To unlock led you have to pay. It’s all good that’s not what this is about. I don’t understand what to do. I put it up to my light and it read more than 40000. What is that supposed to mean

How does it work what does 40000 mean that’s the number it gave me when I put it up to the lights using Photone this app at the apple App Store. The number it gives you means what

Photone will give you readings of your lights output.

To test, on iPhone you’ll need 20# or 22# copier paper for a diffuser. Follow instructions on screen. (Best results (accuracy) have been recorded with 20# paper)

Place your phone screen up facing the light and hold your phone at the top of the plants, take readings in multiple spots so you can average the numbers.

Ppfd measures the total available light or PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) in umols/m2/s. The amount of light that hits the surface each second.

DLI is a measurement of the total light energy that hits your plants over a given period. The hrs displayed on this setting MUST MATCH the number of hours your light are ON.

This will give you a significantly better understanding of where to set your lights.
Canopy distance from light fixture, start with the settings your manufacturer recommends and adjust from there.

Here are some charts with values recommended.

DLI for photoperiods

Ppfd recommendations

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Awesome explanation. I use it on an Android. It’s free for me and no diffuser needed.

You could try to back down on the power 270w to me sounds a bit much. Try setting your light at 20-24" from the plants go down to 200 or so watts see how the plants respond. Its good to check you ppms in your nutrient mix. Keep Em Growing