How much longer? Week 6 12/12 8 week strain

Week 6 as of today pics are from week 5 and 4 days strain is ilgm black widow


Will update with better pics in a few hrs at lights on today’s marks week 6 since flip

From the looks of them still alot of white pistils probably a few more weeks .

I was guessing 2-3 weeks I’m going to sacrifice a top and check tricombs inside and out side I’ll post some pics

If week 6 since flip, you are most likely in week 4 when considering transition time.

I just snip off a calyx and a small sugar leaf to inspect under the scope. Never know it was touched.
I’m thinking more like audiofreak - closer to 4 weeks
Nice looking crop

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Update…hhhhhhhhhhh… just took a top off one of the mail colas and put under my microscope…80%milky5%clear 15% amber what do I do I’m at 6 weeks… I’ll post a pic of tricombs after I kill this boggi


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I suspect the amber you are seeing is from a sugar leaf. From the bud pictures, it doesn’t look like the pistils are contracting and laying down at all. Still straight out. This is a northern lights I just harvested

Most of the pistils are laying down.

Just took this pic

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This ones waaaaaay ahead of the other 3 the rest are still throwing hairs

The picture I sent is similar. A week or 2 ahead of the 3 still going. She was cut on day 71 on 12/12. Looking at these, your 2-3 weeks looks about right.

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One of my greatest flaws that I second-guess myself a lot lol thx for the re surrance

Patience Grass Hopper good things come to those that wait.


I no but it’s soooo hard lol I’m going to let them go for 3cmore weeks even though it’s an 8 week strain I think 9 is more accurate after listening to wizard npk