How much longer friends?

Hello all, this is my first grow, a bag seed I found in some pretty good weed that was supposedly “Boston Runtz”. I found the seed and decided why the hell not and grew it, and here I am three months later with over $500 invested :grin: the plant is one of four actually, one had completely dud genetics and never lost its seed shell and damped off, other two were males through and through. Miraculously, the third plant did the trick and went into flower, and is looking beautiful so far. This one was planted March 28th, and has been in flower for about 5 and a half weeks. Im using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and the trio for nutes. Lighting is 2 SF1000s on max power 12” away. Trichs are are all clear, im just asking for a time estimate on how long y’all think I have before harvest. Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks and grow on :metal:


Im thinking 2ish weeks. Hard to be super accurate but still a lot of white pistils. Once you see most of the pistils coloring up start checking trichomes regularly.


Good notes. I’ve been reading a lot about how to check and when and how to harvest but I was just unsure of how much longer :man_shrugging:

I’m with @dbrn32 with a couple weeks or so.


Looking good!

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Here I am again! I’m definitely getting closer to the harvest window, in my opinion im maybe 1-2 days away from pulling the plant, im just looking for second opinions on if I should or not. Trics are mostly cloudy and some are starting to become Amber. Thanks for any inquiries yall

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Looking good. If it were mine id tag it & bag it. But it depends on what your looking for. Here’s a chart I got from someone in here maybe you’ve already seen it

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I’ve kind of been going by the 5%-10% Amber trichs rule, but I’m not a fan of a lot of CBD so I’m debating cutting tomorrow. I gave the plant one last watering today just to help wash out some more of those nutes, and I’d say PPM is around 600-700? A lot of the lower leaves are yellowed and curled up dry.

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I know you must be happy this stag is done now to dry, cure with your preferred triming type. I just did my first also, my wife will probably be happier without me talking bout my girls…maybe I’ll just reminisce the grow starting their “baby” pics lol

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I see some amber, depending what kinda high you are looking for. I would say within the week.
I’m in the same boat. Have some over 9 weeks in flower, just not quite done yet. I’m going for a lot of amber this round. Lol

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The plant got done really really fast, I flipped the lights 7 weeks ago today. Buds are nice and fat, and they’re getting really cloudy