How much can I get?

Begging week 7 of flower , strain mim

Processing: IMG_20211015_161456_1.jpg…
Processing: IMG_20211015_161443_1.jpg…
Processing: IMG_20211015_164308.jpg…
Processing: IMG_20211015_164335.jpg…
Processing: IMG_20211015_164405.jpg…
Processing: IMG_20211015_164422.jpg…
osa evo(Barney farm).

6pot 20 liter, hight 1 meter each one.
Area 200,220,200, lamps hlg rspec 550
2 total 1000w, water osmasis.
Rh 45%, ph 6.1.
My buds it’s big and heavy.
It’s ready for harvest?
I hope to get 1 kiilo, it’s possible?


They might big and heavy but u lose about 70% when drying


Welcome to the community nice looking grow.

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Tank u it’s my second grow

Welcome to the community. Are they ready for harvest? I don’t think they are quite ready yet, based on what I can see, you still have some white pistils that should curl in. Some closer bud shots might be helpful. Do you have this:

As you yield, hard to tell, but you they look good! I had 2 plants roughly the same size, and I got 7.5 ounces smokable, plus almost 3 ounces of larf to use for edibles.

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Tanks , I hope to get 1kilo this my target.

I use now with shooting powder I hope it’s help.

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Welcome to the community.

Nice tent, time to defoilate.

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Begging week 7 of flower.
Strain mimosa evo (barny farm).
6*pot 20 liter, coco.
Osmasis water, ph45%,ph6.1, ec2.5 after shooting powder. My buds hevay .
Area 200,220,200.

Hight plants 1 meter. Under double hlg rspec total 1000w.


Great looking plants.
I will say 7 ounces+…

Pretty hard to Geuss to be honest

You should really defoilate to boost bud production


More than 1 gram, less than 1000 grans. Lol. For real though, good looking set up

I’m curious though, you said your HLG Rspecs are pushing 1000 watts total? Don’t they need heatsinks for that much power :thinking:

Given the size you’ll get about 2-3 Oz per plant

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